Friend, Please

Tyler and Josh were just a figurative to each others imaginations. Josh never really talked about the Tyler kid to his family, he knew the consequences of it. Tyler? Not so much. He would always talk about Josh, his family judging him for it, they believed that that ‘imaginary friend’ was getting to intense. They sent him to therapy. That was up until he was 16. He stopped talking about Josh and as a factor so did the therapy. Tyler’s mom was glad to see Josh had disappeared out of Tyler’s mind. That was until 7 years later when Tyler bumped into a all to familiar face. It was Josh. They instantly clicked, Tyler making a mistake and now having a roommate in his apartment. Tyler doesn’t know Josh's secret. But they live through, become closer than ever before. That is until tragedy strikes. Lies stumble around them.Read Friend, Please to carry on with their journey and to find out the ultimate truth.


8. Movies.

"What are we going to see?" I ask Josh, following him out to his car, the cold breeze making me shiver. "Please, not a horror movie." Josh smiles, us getting into his car and buckling the seat belt. "No. We are not seeing a horror movie, or I will get out of this car right now.''

"Oh come on. When was the last time you actually saw a real horror movie?" Josh puts the keys in the ignition. "I can wait.'' I look down, shutting up and looking out the window. "When Tyler?" 

"When I was in 6th grade.'' He laughs, cracking up at how long it has been. "What? The movie scarred me for life.'' 

"What movie was it?" He asks, driving the car out of the driveway, his eyes fixated on the road. 

"Saw'' I reply back waiting for some criticism to hit at me. 

"Really? I see why you were scared, with all the gore, but  that movie isn't scary.'' I shake my head, turning myself so I can look at him, instead of my reflection in the mirror. 

"But aren't all horror movies gross and disgusting?" I ask, feeling like its an extremely stupid question. 

"Oh god no. We're gonna see the cabin in the woods, there might be a small bit of blood if someone like falls but nothing like Saw. Besides, if you get scared, just hold onto me, okay?'' 

"Uhm'' I say. "Okay." He turns on the radio since both of us stopped talking, him really not wanting silence. "So. Do you even know how to get there.'' He shakes his head.

"Nope, that's why I have google maps.'' 


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