always been the love for me

Taylor Kinton was in madly in love with Ethan Chambers. That all changed when he moved to the other side of the country. A story of adoption, heartbreak, and betrayal.


2. chapter 1



Ugh. I stared at the piles of algebra I was not dedicated to doing strewn across my bed. Instead, I reached for my leather notebook and slipped into a pair of cozy UGG slippers, my adoptive sister, Caroline had gotten me for my past birthday 3 months ago. My parents adopted Caroline last year, she's 2 years younger than me..she's 15, I'm 17. 


I head downstairs and find Caroline laying across the couch playing on her phone. Caroline already has 2 best friends, Brooke and Allie, who always come over. She already has boys drooling over's insane. I tiptoe right past her and out my front door, hoping to sneak out on to my porch seat.


"Oh, Taylor! I was hoping you could take me to the mall in a few hours. Maybe we could even pick up Brooke and Allie!" Caroline smiles and sits up, her golden hair cascading down her back.


She's wearing plaid pajama pants and a navy blue tank top. She's not trying to be annoying, I know. Mom always tells me, she's never had a sister and I need to be one of her favorite people ever.


"I have algebra homework to do.." I sigh, and Caroline's smile falls. "But tell Brooke and Allie we'll pick them up around 2 o'clock."


It's currently 9:30. Caroline bounds up, wraps her arms tightly around me, and then grabs her phone and begins frantically typing away. I do feel bad. Her mother and father were both dead by the time she was 7. She lived with her grandmother until she died 3 years later, and Caroline was too scared to go to a foster home so she tried to live on the streets. When the police found her thin and frail, we adopted her 2 months later.


I sigh and slip out the front door. I'm instantly thankful I'm wearing fuzzy sweatpants and a sweatshirt, as the crisp fall air is biting at my cheeks. I climb onto the space between the pillars of my front porch and open my notebook.


I reread the poems I used to write and jot down a few verses until I hear my mom join me outside.


"Good morning, Taylor. Caroline tells me you're taking her and her friends to the mall this afternoon," I can hear the excitement in her voice.


"Yeah ... but I have homework to do first." I glance up and mom is smiling widely at me.


"Well, you might want to get working on that. It's already 11:30. Caroline's been on the phone with Brooke and Allie ever since you told her you would drive them to the mall! My world famous breakfast will be on the table in 15 minutes." Mom winked at me and I forced a slight smile back to her.


I slammed my journal shut on the poem, "Dear My Ethan." I open the glass front door and climb the stairs to my bedroom at the end of the hall. I go into my bathroom and brush my teeth, wash my face, and straighten my long, auburn hair. I change into black jeans and a cropped white tee. I put on my promise ring from Ethan and head downstairs to the strong smell of crispy bacon.


Caroline's sitting at the table, gabbing on to my mom, wearing a tied up, sort of ripped tee and ripped blue jeans. Her blonde hair is piled on top of her house in a messy, ballerina bun. She smiles softly at me as I take a seat next to her grabbing a few pieces of bacon and the milk carton.


"I can't wait! Thanks sooooo much Taylor!" Caroline giggles and I smile back at her.


At 2:00, Brooke Greene bounds down her sidewalk, wearing a pair of black leggings and a tank top, her dark hair curling at the ends. She climbs into the backseat next to Caroline, thanks me for the ride, and right away begins telling Caroline the story of her facetime call last night with Max Johnson. No longer than 10 minutes later, do I have 3 gabbing girls in my backseat. Allie offered my $5 for the ride which I gladly handed right back to her.


"Spend it on something pretty." were my exact words.

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