The fall wasn't meant to happen. That part, at least, wasn't planned.
But now, Luke's stuck in a limbo between dream and nightmare and the bottle in his pocket seems to be able to say a lot more about the incident than he can.
However, when reality does begin to sink in in Luke's mind, it's all anyone can do to stop him from letting go of everything - Forever...That is, if people can begin to care...


1. Note.

As Marie_xox has already stated, we (the two of us) are holding a competition to see who's story is the best. I would also like to establish that this is merely a friendly, fun thing between friends; it's not personal. 


If you would like to vote for either this, or Marie's story (I will post the link in the comments) please just tag the person's name (either Eileen Prince or Marie_xox) in the comments below and/or like or favorite the story you would like to win. However, like I have already said, this is only a bit of fun and I will not tolerate abusive comments (eg: saying one of our stories is rubbish). I accept that sometimes people may, or may not, have strong feelings over voting, but remember: abuse will not be tolerated.


Many wishes and the best of luck to Marie,



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