The fall wasn't meant to happen. That part, at least, wasn't planned.
But now, Luke's stuck in a limbo between dream and nightmare and the bottle in his pocket seems to be able to say a lot more about the incident than he can.
However, when reality does begin to sink in in Luke's mind, it's all anyone can do to stop him from letting go of everything - Forever...That is, if people can begin to care...


3. Luke

Every inch of my brain feel foggy...And ow! My bones are agony... As though coming from the end of a long, far-off tunnel, someone says something, something that sounds like a crackly radio being tuned, and then an awful wailing sound fills my ears and I hurt so badly. Patiently, I wait for the screeching wail to end, to leave me alone, but it doesn't.

"We're going to put you on a stretcher, Luke. You've had quite a nasty fall." someone says, but all I hear is some horrible scraping sound, screechy and awful, like fingernails being run down a chalkboard.

Below me, the ground shifts, and more agony pulsates through my body. I don't even feel as though I truly belong as me. As I'm lifted, the tips of my fingers brush against my hoodie, against the tiny, hard bulge inside the pocket. As though I've been walloped, the memory of the tiny bottle and its associations send, yet more spasms of cold agony through my aching veins and blood, warm and sticky, trickles down my wrist and, in a flash, back it all comes: The shouting, the crying, the bullying, then the drugs and the reason I am here, play in fast-forward. Like some weird, out of control slideshow of photographs... Photographs. The root source of it all... The place where all the trouble started. My dream, my faults, my passion... Maybe, to escape it all, I should just let go. Just let go.... So simple, so easy...

Slowly, like relaxing in a warm bath, I drop down into the flooded river of memories and let them lead me into who knows where...

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