The fall wasn't meant to happen. That part, at least, wasn't planned.
But now, Luke's stuck in a limbo between dream and nightmare and the bottle in his pocket seems to be able to say a lot more about the incident than he can.
However, when reality does begin to sink in in Luke's mind, it's all anyone can do to stop him from letting go of everything - Forever...That is, if people can begin to care...


16. Finally, the truth...

The headmistress leans forwards in her chair and surveys the two boys sternly. "Bullying, Mr Dobinksi, is a very serious offence. A very seroius offence... And I don't take illegal underage drug use lightly either, Miller." She adds, glancing in Luke's direction. He grins sheepishly "Yeah, sorry Miss... But it's already been sorted."

Mrs Bird sighs. "I didn't call you both here to lecture you and give you a detention." she says "I simply wanted to ask if you were both alright now. I understand that you are both now friends. And I also understand, Luke, that you are in therapy."

"Um...Yes, Miss. I am, Miss. In therapy, that is. But I'm alright now, too." Says Luke, glancing cheerfully at Leo.

"Yeah." adds Leo from the chair next to his best friend. "And I'm good, too."

Mrs Bird nods and the boys rise to leave. On their way out, however, she stops them, a strange, sad look crossing her face. "I did know Honey and Sophia, you know... I know the story."


                                                                         To be continued...

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