The fall wasn't meant to happen. That part, at least, wasn't planned.
But now, Luke's stuck in a limbo between dream and nightmare and the bottle in his pocket seems to be able to say a lot more about the incident than he can.
However, when reality does begin to sink in in Luke's mind, it's all anyone can do to stop him from letting go of everything - Forever...That is, if people can begin to care...


7. Drama School; part 2

Spotting Haymitch and Jack standing talking in hushed voices to a pair of boys I'd never met before. My friends, however, seemed pretty familiar with them and, as I walked, trembling, over to them, none so much as glanced in my direction, not even when I tap Haymitch on the shoulder.

"Hey, guys! What's up? Had a good holiday?" I say, much too brightly to be entirely passable as natural chatter.

One of the unfamiliar boys turns to glare at me "What do you want?" And his voice is full of disgust.

I blink in surprise,  taken aback by this unfriendly comment. "N-nothing..."

"Well get lost." Snaps the boy, nudging the other and my supposed friends. "We don't want you."

Tears sting my eyes. The rejection was so quick, so simple, that I can't even believe it's real. "Fine." I whisper, my voice breaking, turning to flee.

The others smirked and, in that one moment, I knew Leonardo Dobinskii would make my life hell.

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