An Alpha's Recruitment: Big Wolf On Campus, Teen Wolf Crossover

BoyxBoy Romance

I got this idea from orionastro on,who requested me to write a Merton slash Tommy fanfiction.

Newly turned Werewolf and Alpha Tommy is struggling with controlling his Lycanthropy as he needs to protect his home town, Pleasantville.

He knows he needs to find away to control himself if he is going to keep his Lycanthropy a secret and fight evil. Little did he expect his smart, gothic new friend Merton to be come his anchor.

Meanwhile Tommy and Merton are beginning to find it too hard to protect people from evil supernaturals, so they have come up with a plan to find other good werewolves and turn some other people to join the pack. Will Tommy succeed in making a pack?
Also what does Merton being his Anchor mean for their friendship? Will it be ruined or will a blossom into something more?


1. Soul Sucker

(Words in italics represent Tommy talking to the readers, directly, as he does in his voice overs in the show when he is talking to the audience.)


You could say my life has changed in the last few months, what with me being bitten and being turned into a werewolf, but it was about to get a whole lot stranger. People who know of my Lycanthropy well that's only Merton and you guys, always thought I was in control over it and I was, untill a few weeks ago when I started to lose it. When I had been struggling with some personal issues but I found away to keep it under control, I found my anchor.

I was strolling around the streets of Pleasant Ville like I always did. It paid well on the football pitch, to keep active. The sun had long since setted but my wolfy powers let me see perfectly, even in the parts of town that didn't have street lights such as the grave yard and alleyways. I know I should be at home doing homework since it was a school night but it wasn't due yet and I didn't really understand it. As I carried on walking I made a note to myself to ask Merton for help.

I found myself outside the factory were I noticed a couple stood outside making out. It made me slightly jealous, it should be me kissing Stacy. Stacy was the girl I had a crush on since we were both in 6th grade. I've managed to get up the courage to all her out, but our dates never went well due to me running out on her because of always wolfing out. In the end she broke up with me because it just didn't work out and she had enough of me running out on dates.

I was about to turn around and walk away when I heared a girl scream in terror. Being the caring Wolf that I was I stopped in my tracks and focused my full attention on the couple. Now I could see that the girl was trying to pull away as the boy held on to her tightly. Too tightly as he opened his mouth wide and a blue, smoky light began to come out of the girls mouth. I began to feel myself wolf out from anger as I shouted.


The boy didn't respond so I ran towards him as fast as I could. 
"I said hey," I shouted as I ran.

I pushed him away from the girl and then turned to face her. "Get out of here," I told her and she ran.

"You're a-" the boy started.

"Yes, I'm a werewolf and you just picked the wrong night to prey on innocent girls," I replied. He tried to leg it so I grabbed him and pulled him back as I made a low growl.

"I don't think so," I said as he struggled to break free. I pushed him to the floor and knelt down pinning him to the floor. He tried to do his little strange trick on me so that he could escape. This made me angrier so I hit him and was about to do a lot worse but I stopped myself. Although I had trouble doing so but I was a good werewolf I couldn't let my anger get the better of me.

"If I ever see you sucking out blue soul stuff out of anyone again, I won't let you off so easily," I threatened and let go of him. He scrambled up off the floor frightened and ran away.

I started walking. I would need to calm down before going home. My family didn't know my secret and I wasn't planning on telling them anytime soon.


I was sat typing away on my computer down in my lair. My lair was the only place in the entire house that I could get peace from my sister's constant chatter and where I wouldn't get asked by my mum to watch 'Touched By An Angel' with her.

In fact the lair was the only place I could concentrate on my homework. Although it was due in tow days but it's not like I had anything better to do. It's not like I had any friends to hangout with. Okay, so I had Tommy but he was probably out enjoying himself with his team mates and friends.

I had nearly finished it when my sister burst through the door.

"Hey, freaker mom wanted me to tell you dinner's ready," she said.

"Alright but how many times do I need to stress stay out of my lair?" I asked her. She always kept entering without knocking and as much as I loved her, it annoyed me.

"How many times do I have to tell you it's our basement not your lair?" She replied, leaving.

I saved my work and locked the computer before heading up the stairs.


As I entered my house I could smell home cooked chicken. It smelt delicious. I couldn't wait to eat it. You could say I kinda have a weak spot for chicken, especially from The Hungry Bucket. Don't tell my mom that though, she'd be upset if she knew I prefered that over her chicken.

"Tommy's home," my brother Dean shouted to my parents from his chair in front of the sofa.

"Tommy I hope you are hungry, there's lots of chicken," mom said as I walked into the kitchen.

"You're joking. I'm starving," I told her. I have always had a big appetite.

"Take this to your brother before you sit down," my dad (the mayor) said as he handed me a plate of food.

I took it to my brother. He never moved from in front of the TV.

"Thanks little brother," he said as he took the plate from me.

I returned to the kitchen and sat down with my parents to it my chicken.

After I had finished eating I sat down to watch the TV with Dean for a little while and then went up to bed.

"Night Dean, I'm off to bed," I said getting up from the chair.

"Night bro," he said and I went upstairs to my room.


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