The Entrancing Beauty

Will Sasha fall for his stunning, exquisite looks?
Read and find out! He grabs me and says “Don’t leave me”.

I will try to update much as possible, I’m busy with exams.


1. Chapter 1


Gliding gently through the bitter, wintry, piercing, icy- cold, frosty, perishing, biting, unwelcoming, unfriendly, viscous, devilish air, the delicate, graceful, papery, wispy, airy, silky, patterned snowflake lands on the colossal, gigantic, enormous, mammoth - sized, vast floor. In a matter of seconds, it’s glorious, magnificent, marvellous pattern turns into a bead of refreshing water. When I gaze/look up into the cold, life - less, air I notice that the trees are covered in blankets of snow, and every second a small, piece of snow joins the towering collection. Heavenly, Innocent, pieces of snow crunch underneath my feet, while I walk along the jagged, saw - edged, uneven, serrated, shattered, spiky, craggy, barbed, irregular path. The envious, malicious, baleful, menacing, hostile, hate - filled, antagonistic sun awakens, and slaughters the snow. The snow cries in agony as the scorching, blazing, sizzling, broiling, blistering, boiling, red - hot sun executes/annihilates the snow. A bright, blue, transparent tear rolls - down my eyes. I walk slowly and slowly, and I approach a menacing, abandoned house. The windows are cracked, fragments of glass lie on the dark, lonely floor. The overgrown branches covered the house, the whole - house started to rot, decay. The structure of the building started to show it’s age, the building was torn and cracks appeared every - where. Dead, deceased farm animals were scattered inhumanly, across the grainy, granite, worn - out floor, their throats were slit and their eyes were blood - shot red, their necks were snapped back. Bright ruby, scarlet, reddish, blood was laying on the ominous floor. The furious wind blows loudly, the air is covered in melancholy, forbidding, foreboding mist. The grey, silvery, cloudy, dull, dim, colourless, fog surrounded the house. It felt as the wind was giving me a warning sign; I open the creaky door, my heart beat rapidly increases, as I open the door gradually. On the wallpaper there is blood written on the walls, I slowly and gradually move to see what is written on the walls, engraved on the walls: “You have entered hell!”, ‘Get out, before it’s too late!”. I quickly dart upstairs, the stairs groaned, creaked, squeaked, and squealed as I bolted up the stairs. I get into the shower, the shower was covered in mold there was no light - bulbs, no electricity, It was eternal - darkness. The tap is made out gold, small diamonds are encrusted in the tap. I slowly reach for the tap, but nothing comes out: it is empty, hollow. All of a sudden the water comes on: the warm, relaxing, soothing, water drops down. I finish and wrap myself around a white, soft, fluffy, tender towel. I close the door gently. The water slowly fades away into thin - air, thick layers of blood starts to emerge out of nowhere. I enter the master bedroom, and I get out my black, damaged suite case, I rummage, look for my expensive clothes.

I find them underneath piles of money. I wore the following: Pippa Lynn super freak vegan leather-top, angel Baby faux fur jacket, Super trash sudo skirt and on my feet, I wore Sorbet leather platforms and on my knees, I wore American apparel opaque over - the - knee socks. My eyes glisten and sparkle in the darkness. I tie my chocolate brown, silky, soft into a half breathe - taking ponytail. I walk down the empty, hollow, venomous stairs. Somebody shouts my name viciously “Sasha!” “Sasha!” It progressively gets louder and louder, as the seconds pass. Every second, was pain, torture. Sweat starts to build up, and run down my face, my heart beat speedily increases, I begin to panic and break - down: I grab my steel, bright, metallic, trustworthy torch, I take a deep breath and my build up my courage. I slowly, progressively open the basement door. I shine my bright, holy, sparkling, scintillating torch on the basement floor, to my horror I see human body parts scattered across the floor: ear pieces, hands, brains, legs and heads that have been severed from their owners. I feel sick to my stomach, I shine my torch lower and I can see a cold, blood trail. I walk down the stairs slowly.

I shine my torch in the dark, gloomy, unilluminated, ill - lit room. My body and hands tremble with fear, I walk closer and closer to the mysterious figure. Her face is grotesque, she has snake, slimy, hard skin, her eyes were green and misty, when I gazed at her I could see the hate in her eyes, she had a black, poisonous, serpent - like tongue, she hissed demonically and she let out a blood curdling scream. Her feet are tied up in chains, the chains are spiky and piercing. Flies surrounded her. I move my torch to the right and I see a young, handsome, charming boy. He had blue eyes like the ocean, he had chiselled abs, he had a strong athletic jaw, his hair colour was golden yellow, and his skin was white/fair. He grabs my hand vigorously. He says: “Don’t be afraid, I won’t harm a beautiful creature like you. “I stutter/mutter “o..okay.” He gazes into my green eyes, and he takes my soft, fair, milky hands and kisses them, he then kisses my neck and then slowly proceeds to kiss my full pillowly lips: He kisses my red lips, they were succulent, juicy, sweet, luscious, moist, mouth - watering, moreish, lush, soft, and delicious. He moves my hair aside and kisses my lips again, and he gently, delicately, removes my clothes and then he proceeds to remove his.

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