allison and noah

allison was the girl of his dreams.
noah was the boy of her dreams.
they saw each other at school.
they saw each other at the cafe.
they saw each other at the bus stop.
they liked each other but, never talked.
but noah has a secret and allison does to
until one night, everything changed.
allison saw something she wasn't suppose to see.
noah found out something he wished wouldn't have.
the secrets changed what they thought about each other.


1. authors note

This is my first time writing a story and I hope you like it.

Ill have the first actual chapter done by Monday. 

Ill post on Mondays !!

Characters will be added

See you then 


Haley Lu Richardson as Allison

Cole Sprouse as Noah

Maggie Lindemann as Jessica (allison best friend)

Jordan Fisher as Austin (noah's best friend)


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