allison and noah

allison was the girl of his dreams.
noah was the boy of her dreams.
they saw each other at school.
they saw each other at the cafe.
they saw each other at the bus stop.
they liked each other but, never talked.
but noah has a secret and allison does to
until one night, everything changed.
allison saw something she wasn't suppose to see.
noah found out something he wished wouldn't have.
the secrets changed what they thought about each other.


2. allison

Allisons POV

April 6, 2018

My mind is racing.

My heart is racing.

I'm running fast.

I hear loud crunches behind me.

I hear loud crying behind.

I look back, yellow piercing eyes behind me. 

Teeth so big and ready to devour.

I watch my every step to make sure I don't trip.

My legs are carrying me as far I can go. 

I tumble down the hill.

The animal pounces onto me. 

It bites me on the shoulder.

I scream and kick the animal.

I scramble to me feet and see a bright light. 

 I hear an alarm.

The alarm gets louder. 

     dream over 

"Allison Coren Berkeley if you don't get your butt up, I'm gonna beat you child" Allison hears her mom say. Allison sits up and looks at her clock. 

"Yes mom, I'm up." She yells.

"Okay well, hurry up breakfast is ready. You don't wanna be late again for school" she says back. 

 The stairs creak as her mom goes down them. Allison listens to a conversation between someone who walked inside. "Oh Alli." she hears. The stranger opens the door. 
"Hello Jess." allison greets them. Jessica smiles, runs and jumps into bed with Allison. Allison cuddles up to Jessica taking her heat. Jessica finger combs through Allisons bed head. 

"Did you have that dream again?" Jessica asks. Allison shook her head yes. 

"Did you take your medicine?" she wondered. Allison shook her head yes again. Jessica sighs and then she gets an idea. "So, do you wanna get hot coco before school?" Jessica smiles. Her friend looks up and smiles. Jess smiles.

"Okay well go fix yourself rachet." she rips the blanket of them and gets up. She pulls allison up and pushes her to the bathroom. Allison walks to the bathroom and shuts the door. Allison looks at herself and does her morning routine. She smiles in the mirror fixing her newly straightened hair. She opens the door and walks to her vanity. She pulls the chair out and sits down and gets to work. On her last products she grabs she clear gloss and pops her lips. Allison turns in her chair and watches Jessica throw her clothes onto her bed. She picks out her outfit. She thows out a baby blue rain jacket, a white shirt with a black neckline, black skinny jeans and black low top rain boots. 

Jessica walks over to her and starts to style her hair. She braids backs a piece of hair and pins it, she does it to the other side too. Jessica looks at friend through the mirror and smiles and hugs her. 
" I love you girl." she says " I love you too jess." allison answers back and watches her friend walk out. Allison gets up and puts the clothes on.  She adds her gold necklace. She grabs her bag, hat, and phone. 

Allison started heading downstairs, When something caught her eye out the window, Noah Anderson. He was Allison's crush. She liked him since 8th grade. She fell in love with the way he looks. Some people think he's very mysterious and quite. But, she thinks he's perfect. 

She started heading down the stairs. She saw Jess messing with her sister. Allison mom laughing at their antics. Allison laughed along with them. She looked at her phone clock and saw it was time to go. Allison tells Jessica its time to go. They start slipping their stuff on. When they were done, they declared their goodbyes. 

"Allison Im working late again. Im gonna leave money for you tonight and your sister is staying at her friends." her mom told her. Allison gave a thumbs up and walked out the door. They walked out the door shutting it behind them. As they were walking to the Coffee Bean they saw a bunch of emergencies vehicles pass us by. "Damn, there must've been another attack." Jessica said. 

  "Attack?" i questioned her. " Yea, you haven't heard. People have been getting attacked by wild animals lately. Some say its these big wolves but there isn't wolves in colorado." She said. They made it to the Coffee Bean and walked inside. They walked up to order station and got their drinks. They walked out and walked towards the city bus stop. They drank the rest of their drinks and threw them away. The girls got to the bus stop and sat down on the bus bench. Allison looked over and saw Noah. He was leaning against the stop sign talking to Austin. He looked over at her and smiled. She smile back. Other kids started walking up to the bus stop. The loud obnoxious laughing was coming close. Jocks. They were the most annoying kids in class. Especially one...Carson Briggs. Carson was known as the playboy and leading star of the every sport he played. All the girls wanted him. Guys wanted to be him. He had a crush on Allison but she denied him many times. He always flirted with her during Biology and Gym. But, Jessica really likes him and will do anything to be his girlfriend. Allison looks over and saw him and his friends joking around. Allison was playing on her phone until it was snatched out of her hands. She scoffed and looked up.

"What the hell do you want Briggs" Allison said,

"Well" he snarked " You obviously." he laughed and twirled her hair. She smacked his hand.

"Yea in your dreams."  Allison snatched her phone from his hands.

"Well, maybe not." He laughed. "I'm having a party tonight and I was wondering if you and Jessica wanted to come."

Before she could decline, Jessica threw her arms around her neck and yelled a yes with excitement. He smirked. "I guess I'll see you two tonight" he winked at them. Allison just rolled her eyes. He walked back to his little minions. "Omg, Allison we are going to Carson Briggs party!" Jessica whispered yelled, pulling my arm.

Allison pffted. "You can go, but i'm not going." Allison said.

She dramatically gasped. She looked at me and gave me the look. Allison knew that look she gets from Jessica. She looked at her and grumbled, throwing her head back. "Fine! " Allison yelled.

She squealed and hugged me. Allison looked over at noah and saw him staring, like he was listening to the whole conversation. She sighed and looked away. The bus pulled up and Allison pulled herself together and walked towards the bus. Jessica grabbed her arm and they walked towards the bus. They paid for their bus ride and sat down. Allison looked back and saw Noah staring again. She turned back around again and leaned her head against the window. Allison watched the water stream down the bus window. She thought to herself, hoping this would end soon.

(authors note: carson briggs i imagine looks like ross butler)

chapter 2: will posted later this week or monday 



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