Setting Fires

Freshmen year... Richard Goranski arrived at his new high school and things weren't all well and good until he's bribed by the school's most popular student to get a squip. But is a squip really worth more than friendships he had?


2. 🔥🎮 🏫 Chapter 1 🏫 🎮🔥

Freshmen year. A bucket of assholes would be more accurate right now!

It was a glorious Monday and Richard was talking to his only friend Michael. Even Michael didn’t want to associate with Rich for longer than half an hour. He was always running off after their walk to school to see his own friend Jeremy Heere. Long story short, no one cared about Rich.

“Any exams today?” Michael broke the silence that had settled over the two.

Rich thought for a moment. “Yes(th).” His lisp was quite an annoyance this particular day. S’s became Th’s, boy this’d be fun.

Michael tilted his head. “Which ones?”

“Maths(th) and Englis(th)h…”

Rich mentally face palmed. Just… just for once in his life could he be cool? For just one day could he be popular and have friends and maybe a girl or two hanging off his arm? It never hurt anybody to dream big.

Apocalypse of the Damned, Rich said in his mind. Level 1. The hallway. Begin.

Rich entered the dangerous hallway of the nightmare called school. Every day he’d trip about five paces in, but not today. His smile grew as he took 6 steps, then 10, 14, 23-

A tall male snickered down at Rich who was now on the floor having been tripped on the 30h step. A personal record!

“Does someone wanna take out the trash?” Rich watched as the other male looked around at all the other popular students who urged him on to get rid of the pathetic excuse of a freshman.

“Jake…” A blonde female placed her hand on the bullies arm.

Jake huh?

“No volunteers?” Jake picked Rich up by the front of his shirt. “Get going loser.”

Rich stumbled forward, silently thanking whatever god was up there that he avoided another black eye today.

Level 2. The laboratory. Begin.

A/N: I know it’s a short chapter but it’ll get better I promise! 


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