The Diary of a Necromancer

My two hundredth Movella centers upon Lord Sauron's perspective of "The Hobbit" and "The Lord of the Rings". Enjoy!


1. Introduction

Just to begin with, I am not that evil person Middle-earth has been labeling me as. I just want my jewelry back. Like, really badly. Okay, really, really badly. Fine, really, really, really, really...

(Ten days later)

...really, REALLY badly.

So what?

It's my jewelry.

This is my diary, so you probably would want to exercise discretion as you read. My entire life and even my post-mortem are etched on its pages.

My name is Lord Sauron, but for now I prefer to be called the Necromancer of Dol Guldur. The Orcs live here with me. No one else understands them. They think Orcs are brutal, but when you get to know them, they really are sweet creatures! Of course, they are also good at fighting because I work out with them. Especially Azog the Defiler.

People say that I am scary, but I really just look like a fiery thing with a black center. I'll tell you my story, but for now, Azog's peaking his head outside the door. He's telling me that it's time to do his favorite hobby of Thorin Hunting. Which is pretty messed up in my opinion.

Until tomorrow, halflings. Good night, sleep tight, and don't let my fire bite.

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