The Diary of a Necromancer

My two hundredth Movella centers upon Lord Sauron's perspective of "The Hobbit" and "The Lord of the Rings". Enjoy!


2. I, the Necromancer

At last. At long last. It's morning. I just conjured up breakfast for the Orcs because they seem tired after their game of Thorin Hunting. Aren't I nice?

Night is the most boring part of my life. I just float on the top of Dol Goldur's highest tower in the form of a black mass. I usually appear as a black mass. I save my beautiful fiery thing for special occasions.

Anyway, I came here in the year TA 1050. Since I still have a bad reputation, I found it pertinent to disguise as a dark sorcerer known as "the Necromancer". The Elves haven't realized that the Necromancer and I are one. That's right. The elves who betrayed their own alter species, the Orcs. Branded them as evil and tried to massacre them on many a war front. So I took it upon myself to offer them sanctuary. Dol Guldur has plenty of room for all.

Like I said, pretty much everyone who lives in Middle-earth thinks I am some rotten, no-good, horrible Dark Lord responsible for their suffering. They pass off my fiery thing and badass armor as something awful to behold. Hey, it's not my fault I look the way I do. It's just the way Necromancers look. If you were a fiery thing with a black center, you'd be called evil too.

They're probably jealous. I think I'm beautiful.

In life, I wanted the world to know they really needed help, which is why I created the Rings and gave them to good people around. But when they began abusing them, I was forced to make a tenth Ring for myself. Whatever Gandalf the Grey says, they are far from evil. A weapon is only as evil as he who uses it. Maybe someday I'll be able to help people (which is what I'm here for) once they stop judging my appearance.

This diary is supposed to span over my entire life and the beginning of my legacy up until now. A legacy that didn't go as planned. So I will begin with my origins and work from there.

For now, it's time to give the morning announcements throughout the castle. Magic really can do wonders.

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