Amulet of the Elements Chosen of the Stone

In Evernia, the planet of sinful creation, it is said that no creature is created equal. The reign of dragons has come to spread over the many lands, while the hatred for humanity and those of Drathellian blood grows. Even still, the wealthiest of monarchs have come to be humbled by the might and danger of a noxious and plague spreading cloud known as the Raxionian Bane. According to legend, only the Keeper of the Elements can restore balance to the doomed planet, he or she that is the Chosen of the Stone. Prophecy states that the era of the dragon and the hell hound shall rise together as one to lead the masses of the lost, but will it stand true when two enemies face each other after centuries of war.
The Embryonic Era left the planet in a state of barren waste, rebuilt on the backs of those know as Tyliquin witches as well as the Wyvern dragons that now rest in extinction. It is unknown whether or not the gods have condemned the planet, or if the Bane has been created by the scor


1. Prologue

Woe to those who live between the powers of both Halotia and Drathell. For us, the weak, are but humorous jesters underneath pressured gaze. May the past forever remain burning within the minds of the chosen.

—Wexlas TT-0–3

Like that of the sun, Evernia was birthed from the womb of power; a floating world within a crystal ball of wonder, as far and wide as life itself; a mere replica of a higher power—the home of the gods. Through betrayal, trickery, love, and loyalty was it born, and through the same shall it be destroyed.

—Cipientow PE-0–30

Within the singing breeze of Halotia rested the god Plexious, creator of time, life, and serenity. His wife, Cambria, goddess of protection, ruled honestly by his side. For a time unknown, it is believed that the pair did not produce children. But when the day came that Cambria gave birth to a daughter, Plexious found his word came to revolve around her. Over a few centuries, two more daughters came to follow the eldest. The first born, Plexsiea, was the goddess of song, Moriyana, goddess of memory, and the youngest, Cientiam, goddess of lust. Though each young goddess held their own wisdom years, they all bore the same day of birth. And thus with its passing, each year great God Plexious would ask his daughters of their wants. And each time he would get the same answer—something to call their own. But this year, in particular, the sisters had decided that they wished something that lived as they would—creatures of some sort, a being to keep them company.

Unable to deny his beloved children, Plexious began creating a beast for each of them. The eldest, Plexsiea, wished for a magnificent canine creature much like those of her uncle's world. The middle child, Moriyana, pleaded for a being that could soar in the skies and breathe fire, and the youngest, Cientiam, asked for a creature in her image; one she could call a friend. Agreeing, Plexious set off to begin his work of such animals but found himself in a lack of creativity.

Far down below them in the depths of the underworld lived Dovium, god of death. Plexious wondered why his daughter would wish a pet in the image of her uncle's hounds. They were ugly, vicious, and would not fit among the purity of Halotia. Then a thought came to mind, if he blessed the creature with hair as long and vibrant as their own, it would become what his daughter wished. Wielding a staff of fire, Plexious began the structure of the animal, giving it four legs, a tall slender body, and fur of amber brown. And with a blow of his breath, the creature was awakened. Pleased with his creation, he began the work of the beast of the sky.

Moriyana being more adventurous than her sisters meant he had to forge a creature large enough for her to ride. For days his mind raced with ideas. To fly, you needed wings, and the only creatures that bore them lived in Drathell. He had no choice then but to travel and bargain with Dovium, but such chore would not come easy.

Arriving in his brother's realm, Plexious asked a favor of his jealous brother. Only to be told if he must sacrifice one of his creations, Plexious must do the same. In exchange for the wings of the veiled keeper of the gates, he must grant him a woman; one in the image of Reainza, the goddess of love and strength. Giving his word, Plexious was given the wings of the largest demon in all of Drathell. Upon his return, he cast the form of Moriyana's gift—a braising beast of unrivaled height and size, bearing armored flesh of Cimmerian, adorned with specks of ruby.

The last, a being in the image of them. There was but one way to complete it. He needed his wife. As the night fell upon him, Plexious cut his wife's hair as she slept. Unknowing Cambria continued to sleep as her husband began to cast a woman of slender form with locks of platinum. As the sun rose, his creations were complete. He lined them up side by side and summoned his daughters from their beds. Each came running with happiness in their eyes while their mother sat watching the shame of losing her hair restraining her within the walls of the temple.

And so the time had come to grant the creatures names; Plexious left that up to his children. The eldest gave the name Xyrentak after the realm of fire beneath them. The second gave the name Incendartou for the fineness and ferocity of the animal. And the third blessed the small child like goddess with the name Soria. Out of all his creations, Soria had been the most favored of Plexious as she so resembled his wife. Her long beaming hair and pale skin, her soft-toned voice, and delicate features. She was as beautiful as those of her makers, and the only of the three beings of origin that held the blood of the gods. Soria stood as powerful as they who had given her life, making her a being of magic later given the title Tyliquin. After several months, the small pets of the three goddesses began to grow into large and strapping beasts, only Soria remaining the same size as they who had created her.

Below them Stewing in Drathell, sat Dovium still awaiting payment for his aid. None came; for a summer did he wait and still no answer came to greet his ears. He had been fooled, tricked, and deceived by his blood, and now he would gather payment himself. He began to forge a body, one in the likeness of his brother's people. A being of seduction and scorn, one that would remain faithful to him no matter the promises made to it. He named the being Jacothole (its meaning hymn of death in his native tongue). He was indeed a creature of beauty and perfection bearing the same copper hair as his maker, eyes of blue and thin lips. His body was that of a warrior; his muscles and features chiseled and hard as stone. Marking his masterpiece as his own, Dovium adorned him with the calligraphy of the olden gods. Alongside them ran the symbols of lust and longing painted across his collarbone and arms. If his creation were to seduce that of his eldest niece, he would have to be irresistible. And so for three nights, Dovium sat carving the symbols into the demon's flesh. With each symbol completed, they began to glow, the hue of ardent overtaking his work.

After several weeks of training and plotting, the day had come for Jacothole to travel to Halotia and carry out his maker's bidding. And so he did bearing no more than white robes trimmed in gold. His presence among the gods and goddesses of Halotia going unnoticed for a time, until the day Plexsiea locked gazes with him. It began with secret meetings within the cover of night. The pair shared words and lingering gazes, but when conversation grew short, and lust took hold of them, all was lost. This being she had never met seemed to captivate her. He was mysterious and loving, and she found every fiber of him irresistible. Deep down, she knew it was wrong, knew that if she gave into her lust and her need for him, she would lose herself. And so she did, willingly giving herself to him in a night of passion unknowing of the curse now cast upon her. For the duration of their whirlwind romance, he had remained a man of compassion and magnificence. As he claimed her innocence and her maidenhead came to cease forever, his real characteristics were born. His eyes once as brilliant in color as the sea came to turn a violent and vengeful red that burned like fire. His tattoos began to ignite, and suddenly he shied from her touch.

He turned to flee in fear she would no longer feel for him as she once had. Though he was born a creature bearing no emotion, Jacothole came to feel remorse. Dovium watching from below summoned his demon home. An even greater plan had begun to rise within his head. He promised his pet that in return for his services, he could bring his beloved home and live out their lives ruling beside him. Hearing of such things warmed the being's heart and thus a fortnight later, he returned to his lover. She embraced him with open arms, singing words of love and longing. He told her his master's gift and only then did she pull away. The man before her was no longer the one she knew him to be, but instead a creation of her uncles. He continued to pray at her feet to come with him until finally she was swayed. She had fallen so deeply in love with him, and he with her. All that stood in her way was her father.

Plexsiea loved her father as no other did. She was not ready to simply move away and never see him again. But she soon found that time was not on her side despite her birthright. Inside her womb bore the consequence of her sin. In sheer desperation, she ran to her mother and told her of her secret romance. Understanding, she concealed her daughter's growth with her blessing of protection. The months rolled by and soon Jacothole grew more and more impatient. He set off to meet with her demanding she leave with him within that moment or be taken unwillingly. The two for the first time began to argue back and forth until the first sign of the child's coming became present. The pain was one she had never felt before; one she was unsure she would be able to bear.

With the help of her devoted lover and mother, she gave birth to an energetic baby boy. The three were overjoyed at his arrival. He had borne the hair of his father with the flesh and eyes of his mother. The wailing of a child's arrival came to alert, the ears of the fully- grown Incendartou. He came to witness the joy and curse that had been born in his god's land and thus ran forth to see it to light. Waking Moriyana, he carried her off to the temple of her sister where she was frozen in shock. The pair rushed to tell her father who instantly awoke in a rage.

He rushed to the temple of song staff in hand, stunned to find his daughter's words to be true. His wife rose, attempting to hold her husband back from their daughter, though she was merely thrown aside. Plexious managed to take hold of Jacothole who, despite his nature did not fight back. The two men struggled, one attempting to keep hold, the other to flee. Plexsiea watched on sobbing, begging her father to calm himself and let her lover go. But her cries went unnoticed as Plexious came to beat the demon and rush toward his daughter. From the hands of the goddess of protection came a blow that was sung for centuries. Gathering herself, she managed to break a vase over the head of her husband and see her daughter and grandchild from the sacred temples. Wielding his staff, she opened a portal to where it lead; she did not know. Jacothole had managed to rush close behind, lifting Plexsiea and his son into his arms. He gave a look backward to find where his attacker had come to fall. To his surprise, his body had vanished and was nowhere to be seen. Both Plexsiea and her child were safely tucked away into the open portal, with Jacothole the last to enter. Cambria assured the couple and their child that they would live a life unlike what they knew, but they would survive. But as their fears were brought to rest, Plexious roughly snatched the staff away. The current now broken began to reverse the portal sealing rapidly. Plexious and Cambria fought to regain full control of the staff, but it was no use; the portal was closing, and their daughter could not escape.

Xyrentak came rushing from the temple in search of his mistress only to find her locked away. He made a rush for the sealing portal only to be stopped by the flames of Incendartou. The two came to clash before the very eyes of he who had made them. Halotia was falling to destruction in their wake; scales were torn from Incendartou, while fur and blood sprayed from Xyrentak, the holy land now forever tainted. As the hound managed to fight off his attacker, he leaped from his pool of blood and into the small opening of the portal. No sooner than his body cleared it did it come to vanish. The fighting came to an end as both father and mother watched their eldest daughter and first born grandchild come to cease. Their final memory of Plexsiea was a haunting one. One of her holding her son close, the arms of her lover wrapped around her as she cried tears of sorrow. Turning to face her husband, Cambria cursed him for what his blinded rage had done. They had lost their firstborn for his lack of understanding. Despite her duty as a protector, Cambria proceeded to batter her husband. Her tears turned to blood knowing she had failed in her vows. The two came to fall to their knees screaming in sheer agony—the loss of a child and that of a grandchild too much to bare.

Through their loss, Evernia was born—the souls of the lost, the heartbeat of the planet.

Consumed with grief, Plexious traveled to Drathell begging forgiveness. Through his tears and groveling, he was met with laughter. Dovium took pride in shaming his brother, by reminding him of their long forgotten deal, and how this all had come to be. He spoke words of the foolishness of the young lacking a stern hand from their creators, and how all deals broken came at a grave price. Begging on his knees, Plexious pleaded to be allowed to see his daughter a final time to express his regrets. Dovium made him aware that their souls had not come to wander his realm, but that of one anew. One unknown to them both, and for his ignorance and betrayal, he would destroy it as well.

The years rolled by and the loss never became any easier. Upon his return to the ruins of his home, Plexious banished Incendartou in fear the same fate may come of Moriyana. Soria was allowed to remain within the realm as a watchful eye over his remaining two children. The younger of the two remaining daughters, Cientiam, begged her father to create a planet for the mighty dragon. He agreed and created Laylia, a planet much like Evernia yet lacking the lush grasses and water supply. It was an arid desert of a land; one he thought the Drake would thrive within. But one seemed not enough for his child's heart as she asked for one final favor. A planet of her own; one she would be able to live upon so that she would never suffer the same fate as her beloved sister. Her words tore his heart and reminded him how he had failed her, and so he granted her wish. And with it came Lune, a planet of ice and snow as bitter cold as his heart now sat.

Over time Cientiam found her sister's death as one to be avenged, and so she traveled to Evernia. For some time did she search until she found Xyrentak, his body weak. In all those years he had not left her side and being a god himself in a way, he had yet to die. Alongside him frozen in the same position from nearly a hundred years passed, rested Jacothole, Plexsiea, and the unnamed child. They were not sleeping in death but within a state between it and life. She found their hearts to beat; each one of them including Xyrentak. She never told her father instead she found a way to awaken her sister's loyal hound and nursed him back to power. Soon after, the young goddess took the form of a hound and was never seen again.

Left with only one daughter and a wife grown cold to his affections, Plexious turned to Soria for comfort. The two had become secret lovers until the day she too became pregnant. Cambria having enough of her husband's actions exiled the Tyliquin and her child to the planet of Lune, locking it forever in a capsule never to be opened. Through her losses of love and the joy of being a mother, Plexsiea had come to lose her mind. She no longer cherished her daughter Cientiam; instead, she blamed her for her father's adultery. Dovium had won in his plans to bring Halotia to its knees. His brother now stood a being with no one to love or admire, just as he did. Pleased with their suffering, he began to unleash his hounds into the lands of Evernia. Only then did he find that between the three planets lay hidden landings of teleportation. As he searched for Incendartou to reclaim his wings, the god of death concluded that the Drake had come to find refuge upon Evernian soil. Years continued to pass onward, and soon the wars of Origin began.

Incendartou searched on and on for his brother Xyrentak, but time and time again, he found his clutches empty. He wished to claim life and blood in return for being ripped from the love of his mistress Moriyana. From his point of view, the hound's lack of security is what had come to cause their banishment. Often, Moriyana would speak to him from the heavens, but even still, he was lonely. Unable to grant him her touch and love, the young goddess formed him a mate and saw her transferred to his world. Being the only ruling goddess of sound mind, she crowned Incendartou ruler of the planet of Evernia. From that point on, she saw his children and children's children given mates of their liking. The world's life was abundant, but as Dovium found it thriving, his legions came to set fire to all peace. But as all was thought to be lost, a hound began to rise against the dragons in a feud as long as a millennium. The hatred of old had come to infect the planet, each descendant of both the canine and Draconic Lineage shedding blood to claim what did not belong to them. Upon this very day, they yet stand divided, their children lead by the hatred caused by a love lost.



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