Amulet of the Elements Chosen of the Stone

In Evernia, the planet of sinful creation, it is said that no creature is created equal. The reign of dragons has come to spread over the many lands, while the hatred for humanity and those of Drathellian blood grows. Even still, the wealthiest of monarchs have come to be humbled by the might and danger of a noxious and plague spreading cloud known as the Raxionian Bane. According to legend, only the Keeper of the Elements can restore balance to the doomed planet, he or she that is the Chosen of the Stone. Prophecy states that the era of the dragon and the hell hound shall rise together as one to lead the masses of the lost, but will it stand true when two enemies face each other after centuries of war.
The Embryonic Era left the planet in a state of barren waste, rebuilt on the backs of those know as Tyliquin witches as well as the Wyvern dragons that now rest in extinction. It is unknown whether or not the gods have condemned the planet, or if the Bane has been created by the scor


6. Chapter Five

And so, the time had come for the three souls unknown to reach their destination. The journey had been long, and several times, they had come close to losing their way. With the aid of their elder, they had finally come to reach the feared and despised lands of Dread. A territory commanded and protected by Lord Calira Draconvieh, a secluded and brash draconic King. The lands were that of the discarded; a place no wished to live willingly. Even still, at the young age of one hundred thirty-five, the great black dragon had been forced to claim it as his capital. It was a land of scorched soil and geysers that birthed clouds of noxious gases. At its end sat Draiden castle, a fortress born of black brick and iron. Surrounding its main entrance were the rocky cliffs of Galvria, their history as old and tormented as the castle itself. Coccineous fog consumed the land endlessly, the sun seemingly hidden for eternity behind its thickness. It was a land of darkness both in time and climate.

"Come, my sisters. It is time we meet he who shall grant us life." Spoke Tonisa, her body moving through the dense fog without a sign of weakness. She wore a gown of obsidian and cardinal, baring the bones of the Weishtraish. Along the corset did the remains of the carnivorous spider lay, clinging to her full bosom and synched waist. Just below it, came the tease of bare hips the waist-high split, cascading down onto the ground. Her hair remained tied upward, only the lower half hung in a nest of curls. Unlike her sisters, Tonisa had a certain way of dressing. Though she was no Queen, she wore the clothing of one and possessed a personality in the likeness of a goddess.

"Are you certain of this elder sister? Do you honestly wish to place our lives into the hands of our enemy?" Spoke the auburn-headed Zalia. Her questioning and fearful eyes moved to lock upon the doors of Draiden, which now came to swing open. "Do you, in your heart, believe I would hand you over to the grasp of Dovium, my young and imbecilic girl?" Tonisa asked. "No, I do not. I just feel—" interrupting her, the Tyliquin continued.

"Then never again question my judgment or why we are here. Such things could banish you to a place you do not wish to witness." The three came to meet the gazes of two men; both dressed in plate armor and a cape bearing the Draconvieh sigil. The first, Sir Carpasi Wexlo, was a hidden Drake of six foot seven. His brother Sir Darqui Wexlo stood shorter at a mere six foot one, but his harsh nature covered his loss of height. Both snarled under their masks as the three came to stand before them. They had been ordered to see them in, but even still their blood boiled at the fact they now shared a roof with such untrustworthy beings.

"His grace awaits your arrival in the main hall." Spoke the giant of a man his arm reaching to the left to invite them in. "What a warming welcome, Sir Wexlo. I will be sure to bring such hospitality to Lord Draconvieh's attention." Tonisa spoke calmly arching a single brow to the hidden face of the dragon. Each made their way inside, Abigelle as always a bit further behind. Before long, they came to at last meet the stunning features of the King. He stood with his back to them seemingly busy with something before him. From what they could see he wore nothing but his simple black trousers and leather boots. He was a dignified gentleman, built of stiff muscle and sharp features. Unlike his father before him, Lord Draconvieh carried upon him a crown of glory as black and as long as the sins of the night. He was of Frostfire blood but Dratheilian in spirit. Every fiber of physical beauty he possessed was accompanied by a fire lit temper and a willingness to abuse. He turned, at last, to face his visitors with smoldering aurulent reptilian eyes, the only clue he stood more than a man. He stepped forward, his face frozen in an expression hardened and fearless. As he moved, he dismissed a young girl who had been kneeling at his feet. She wore the robes of an ordinary slave except for the jewelry around her neck. She did not dare look onto the three. Instead, she quietly scurried off to tend whatever it was he had asked of her. Watching her depart, Calira came to stand chest to face with his three loyal servants. His crazed eyes locked upon Tonisa the most.

"It took you long enough to get here. What seemed to keep you?" He began, his hand moving to rest on Abigelle's stomach. Tonisa's eyes slid to watch the movements, her jaw tensing. "Between the changing climate and the slow pace of a woman with a child, I believe we arrived at the time set for us," Tonisa replied moving to curtsy before the man. "Women bear the weight of a growing child every day. This one is no different. You are witches. Could you not have simply summoned a spell to arrive in a shorter time?" Draconvieh hissed his hand moving in mocking motions as if he held a wand.

Abigelle dropped her head sure speaking her opinion would not be needed at such a time as this. Zalia did the same, allowing their leader and that of one to be crowned to address each other directly. "And risk damaging the fragile nature of your offspring? Risk what you have asked of us? I know you to be far wiser than that, my lord." Tonisa responded with a smirk. Whether it was her words or tone that set him off no one knew. But as the king came to grip her throat, both Abigelle and Zalia knew she had gone too far. His grip was firm and threatening, and the thought to lift her from the ground crossed his mind. Instead, he pulled her close and locked eyes. "I am not one to be kept waiting. You knew of this, lady Tyliquin." His grip tightened more, and Tonisa did not bother to try and stop him.

"You were meant to step foot in my walls nearly a fortnight ago, yet here you stand before me. I offered you life. I offered you safety. I can just as easily retract such offers." He looked to the handmaidens who had come to enter into silence. "Show our guests to their quarters. See them with their evening meal and any objects they may need." "Yes, your majesty." The two girls of brown hair replied in unison. They lead Abigelle and Zalia off into the dark corridor, and only then did the King show his true nature.

Once the main hall was empty, and he and his witch were alone, the King pulled her close and kissed her lips tenderly. His hand had not left her neck but now her hand wrapped around it. "You play your part well; I must say, Lord Draconvieh." Tonisa spoke her eyes closed shut in a moment of ecstasy. He had wrapped around her his bare chest pulsing with heat, his breath now beating upon the soft flesh of her neck. "I do what I must until more can be achieved." He replied moving his free hand down to embrace her lower half. "Tell me, my woman. How fares my child, our sacrifice?" His voice was husky and demanding but even as eager to know as he was, his mind was on something else.

"Well as one unborn could be. It shall not be long now before you are granted what was stolen from you. How fares your usurping wife? Does she yet hold claim to your name and throne?" At that, his lust began to calm, and he came to look away from his lover. "You know it to be so...why ask me of such things you already know the answer to?" "Because I enjoy the way you react to it. How utterly sorrowful you become. It grants me the joy of knowing you still love me more." She pressed herself harder into his grasp. It had been so long since they last had touched each other. "When is the baby to be born? And when is it that we do what we must?" The King inquired. He knew half of what was to come, knew that somehow the child would be slain but when?

"I believe the child is to enter this world in no less than two moons. Though with your blood running through its veins I would say two and a half to be safe. As for your blessings, the child must live for ten days and no more. Of those he or she must grace the arms and blood of your kin, you wish to live no more. For each day I will prick the child's fingers, and blend its blood with that of your family. Similar to the ceremonial joining's performed by your Xiliads at the time of a royal birth. Only instead of joining in peace, I will adorn them in a song of death—blood for blood. The beginning of our rule as the gods we are. But for this to come to pass the child must die for us to be granted a clear path."

"Does Abigelle know what will come of the baby?" "No. I have not told her, nor will I ever. She believes the child shall become your heir and aid you in claiming your father's throne. I allow the minds of the idiotic to play freely while my mind does your bidding. When the time comes, I shall see her life to an end as well." Calira began to lead her down the long and torch-lit corridor. He had come to break from her; no one could know of their relationship particularly in a time like this. They came upon the quarters provided for the three and stopped. "See them comforted and eager to serve me. I expect something interesting to reach my ears within the next few days."

He caressed her cheek and set off fading into the darkness. Opening the door to her chambers, she found her sisters eating with glee. The servants had provided them with Fa'Ra'Fet a common wild boar and fruits, and bread. The two so deeply woven into their enjoyment of the food barely noticed her enter. "Do not eat as if you are hogs to be slaughtered. Have some dignity." Tonisa snapped, moving to unlace her corset.

"But sister, there are no others here to witness our gluttony." Abigelle joked stuffing her face with a nearby sweet bread. "There are always eyes watching you, girls. Always. Even when you believe you are alone, there is another, somewhere watching..." Tonisa continued as she joined in the feast. "So the beast...what did he want with you sister?" Zalia asked, eager to find out what had kept her so long. "He merely wished to learn about our plans, is all." "Did you tell him of the buck?" Zalia whispered as if the being could hear them. "Of course not, such would bring a bad omen to our plans.

Think nothing more of that forgotten demon. He is nothing more but a wandering lost soul. Think of the blessings we shall be given within the week. We are to be given proper titles by the dragon. Instead of dwelling on the past, look forth to the gifts we are to be blessed with." Abigelle smiled and rubbed her stomach. "You are right, elder sister. To think my child will one day rule from where we were thrown. It is a blessing indeed." Her voice showed her naive nature. She was but sixteen; a girl recently blossomed into that of a woman. "Oh yes, dear sweet Abigelle. You shall come to bear the King a child to rule alongside him, and thus we as well. We shall rise above our oppressors and once more rise to the power we were born into." Zalia said smiling, her hand moving to rub her sister's stomach.

"Do you honestly think he will be recognized elder sister?" The young girl asked. Tonisa had turned entirely away from them; her face now sat a scowling plate of rage and jealousy. Her fingers fiddled with a strip of ribbon roughly in her anger. Just as it was near to snapping, she turned to face them, put on a fake smile and spoke. "Yes, of course. Your child shall become the next King or Queen of not only Dread but the world. You shall wear robes of silk and bare gold upon your wrists and ankles. The life-forms shall sing your name and bless you for bringing forth the real King of life." She moved forward and kissed her stomach sweetly before continuing."You will become the apple of his eye, bear him many sons that could shake the gods from their temples. And when the dust of war clears, and life comes to settle, it will be you he will long for, for all eternity." The girl's eyes grew wide with sheer joy. Her simple way of thinking never once caught the undertone of sarcasm in Tonisa's words.

"We are here to uplift our people, to heave them from the pits of despair and battery they have been subjected too. With the protection of Lord Draconvieh, we shall overcome the state of forgotten nature we have been forced into. With him, we shall once more rise and battle for what is ours. An eye for an eye, a heart for a heart, and blood for blood."


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