Amulet of the Elements Chosen of the Stone

In Evernia, the planet of sinful creation, it is said that no creature is created equal. The reign of dragons has come to spread over the many lands, while the hatred for humanity and those of Drathellian blood grows. Even still, the wealthiest of monarchs have come to be humbled by the might and danger of a noxious and plague spreading cloud known as the Raxionian Bane. According to legend, only the Keeper of the Elements can restore balance to the doomed planet, he or she that is the Chosen of the Stone. Prophecy states that the era of the dragon and the hell hound shall rise together as one to lead the masses of the lost, but will it stand true when two enemies face each other after centuries of war.
The Embryonic Era left the planet in a state of barren waste, rebuilt on the backs of those know as Tyliquin witches as well as the Wyvern dragons that now rest in extinction. It is unknown whether or not the gods have condemned the planet, or if the Bane has been created by the scor


9. Chapter Eight

Time had continued to spin, and with its never ending passing, the three witches had made a home. Most viewed them as pests to be exterminated, while others found interest in their ways of life. But even living beneath a roof so divided, the sisters kept focus upon their daily duties. There wasn't much to do until the child was born, so they kept themselves busy by enjoying their craft. While Tonisa was mostly divulged in her herbal remedies, her younger sisters found pride in the use of the quill and needle. The three now known as, The Foreseer, The Vessel, and The Soothsayer found themselves indulged in a joyous conversation.

"Abigelle, hand me the centaury and the chamomile," Tonisa spoke twirling around the room. The young and heavily pregnant girl gathered a jar of oil and a ball of twine. Handing off the summoned herbs, Abigelle looked to Zalia with a questioning gaze. "Well, what are you gawking at me for?" The auburn hair woman asked, her nimble fingers bundling a bunch of rosemary. "Well, my mind has been wandering upon the pain and horror which is childbirth. I know you have a daughter, and well, I was hoping you could perhaps grant me your knowledge in the subject."

Tonisa gave a chuckle and began to shred the centaury into the jar of oil. "Well, childbirth while painful is to me a remarkable experience. It creates a bond with your child no other will ever come to form. A sacrifice really...I see it as a moment of pain in payment for a lifetime of happiness and fulfillment. When I gave birth to my daughter, I was overjoyed. You would think the joy would come from the release of the pain, but it is far deeper than that. It's knowing you have created a being young, innocent, and new."

"Birth is the woman's payment for sin. For every pleasurable thing we are granted, we are expected to feel sorrow before it. I may not know the pain the splitting of a womb may bare, but I understand what it means to be a mother." Tonisa spoke sealing the jar and placing it on the windowsill. "It is something I would gladly do again if given a chance. I always wanted many children. It was my dream to have a large family."

"I am certain you will see your daughter again, Zalia. As you said, pain is but a payment for a lifetime of happiness. Sacrifice is the security of knowing there shall be a new dawn." Tonisa said smiling. A knock fell upon the door, its sound demanding in tone. "No worries, I will see to it," Zalia said standing, as she made way to the door. It opened with a squeak, and she found Sir Flaisqui standing on the other side. She gave him a polite curtsy and invited him in.

"His grace, Lord Draconvieh, demands the presence of lady Tonisa." The man was rude and did not wish his presence mingling with theirs. Leaving her work, Tonisa gave a nod to her sisters and followed the man through the halls. She knew not of what would await her when she came to face the King. They came to step into the royal study. The King sat writing at his desk alone and bearing an expression of a man betrayed. He looked up and waved her in. The door came to shut, and unlike several times before, he did not rise to greet her. Instead, he remained sitting, scratching harshly at the surface of a parchment. From what Tonisa could see, he was nearly done.

"Why have you summoned me, my Lord?" She asked, moving to sit on the edge of the desk. He did not reply until his name had been signed and the parchment rolled and tied. "Must I need a reason to summon my servant?" He spoke with a devious smirk, his hand moving flat to the table before he came to stand. "Though if I am to remain the honest dragon you know me to be, I must be frank with you. I summoned you here because I have just received word, that my father is to venture into my territory within the next few moons. As always he did not give an exact date."

A twitch came to overtake the left eye of the witch, and soon her small hands balled into fists. "Your father you say..." She spoke, her tone now grim. "Yes, indeed. He and that bastard Laxrindren Talon. They come to share words of some disaster, why with me I am uncertain." His hands moved to spread her legs, the hardness of his body moving to slither between her thighs. His long and pointed nails came to dig into the wood of the desk, his lips now capturing hers. She returned his affections for a moment, only to push him away. The news was not something that brought her joy.

"So, your loathsome sire is coming to degrade you within you home. What would you need of me?" Her words were full of venom. Tonisa had a dislike for the man. "I need you to make sure all things run smoothly while they are within my walls." His grip moved to claim her thighs. The pinprick sensation of his lust, no threatening to open her flesh.

"Is that not the duty of your wife?" He smirked at her words. His hand moved from her body and back to his own. The strength of his hands had come to untie his pants. The King had one thing in mind. He wanted inside her; it had been far too long. The levels of stress he held within himself needed to be released, and he knew Tonisa was the best way to unleash such stress. "Yes, it is believed so. You know there is not a woman in this world that could run this castle better than you." Her knee came to meet his gut as she came to stand. Folding her arms over her chest, she glared at Calira seemingly disappointed. "You expect me to aid you in pleasing a man who reduced you to live in the rubble of the wars of origin? To welcome them so humbly into your home when all they shall do is spit at your feet and look down upon you. I will not be so ignorant as to bend the submissive knee to a beast which bears you no respect."

Footsteps traveled up the hall, and just as the King had gathered himself, his wife came to step through the door. Queen Alexandria Draconvieh of Vuthaera, daughter of King Stagio Oila of the clan, Varmouth. She was an ugly woman, with a fat round face hidden behind locks of black. Her nose was as large as a pigs while her body stood no taller than a girl of fifteen. Dressed in the Draconvieh colors, she came to embrace her husband; his reaction cold and unfeeling. She paid little to no mind to the beautiful Tyliquin but instead locked gazes with Calira.

"Oh my husband, I have grand news. I have commanded the servants to seek out incense of alkanet. Surely if the halls burn with its scent, you and father can have a pleasant reunion." Tonisa cringed at the high pitch sound of the Queen's voice. She knew she was born of a truly dim-witted and dull nature but even still, she loathed the woman. "I see. And how long do you think that will take when we live at least eight nights travel from the nearest city? And perhaps they do not have it in their keeping?" The Queen gave the king an unsure look before dropping her head.

"Well, I had not thought out that far...though I suppose I could maybe send them today. I'm sure they would return before father and brother arrive." A rush of annoyance washed over the king. He gave his wife a look she had seen many times; one that always led to the same end. She backed away from him, slowly raising her hand just above her belly. She was frightened and did not wish for him to act as he always had before their guest.

"Apologies, my love, I overstep." She murmured, her eyes remaining down upon the floor. He stepped closer, and the sound of his dominant and thundering footsteps filling her ears. The sting of fear overtook her body, and she found herself flinching at his every movement.

"As you always do!" He barked "Father and brother you say! Do you hold more love for them than you do for me? Is that what it is? Is it because they show you such favor, you simple whore? If you knew why my father holds you so high in his eyes, you would see yourself thrown from a tower in your realization. Leave us and return to whatever it was you were tending."

Alexandria did not exchange words, nor did she bother to say her goodbyes. When she had left the room, Calira turned to face his beloved, his eyes stern and vengeful. "You dream of sitting beside me. It is time you earned such a privilege. Besides, a bit of practice never harmed anyone, you of all people should know that. I shall not play this game any further, nor shall I argue with she who shall one day claim my name. You will see this castle illuminated and fit for a meeting of royals. Am I understood?"

Tonisa made her way to him running a single finger over the opening of his blouse. Her sharpened nail threatening to cut open his flesh. She came to lift up on her toes to whisper into his ear. Her hand reached down to claim his manhood through his trousers; her body now pressed firmly upon his.

"Never, for even a twinkling moment, are you ever to think you have me so well trained as you do her. She is submissive by nature where I stand a viper ready to strike and defend. You may treat her less than a dog, but always remember it is I who stands your equal. But most of all, it is I to whom you are so deeply indebted to."

He had begun to grow in her grasp, his loins ignited by her sheer ability to command him. The palms of his hands found the softness of her scalp, while his lips found the sweet taste of hers. She stood as vicious as his wife should have, and because of it she had claimed his heart long ago. The kiss deepened, and soon they found themselves on his desk. But just as he was about to rejoin their bodies, Tonisa took her leave. She came to a halt, her alluring body now leaning on the doorframe.

"If it is a grand ball and a fancy meal you wish to welcome your treacherous kin to, I will see it done. But know it is only to show them that even in a land such as this, we still rise above them." The door slammed shut leaving Lord Draconvieh in a heap of bubbling laughter. For the next few days, the three witches brewed potions strung ivy and burned incense through the castle. It would be some time before the Grand Elder Ramsra Raye'Zore would arrive, but if he did they would be ready.


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