A Day in My Shoes

This is my life...


4. My Love Life

Let me start with, I understand I am difficult. Okay? So, don't go calling me stupid or anything, that's not what you're here for. So... Yeah. Welcome to "My Love Life", that's a crappy name... Who cares? 
Let's start with my first boyfriend, and since he had a nickname back then we'll call him by that. It's La La by the way. Anyway, me and La La were really young when we started dating, I was 8 and he was like... 7. Yeah, we were young. And I swear to god, we thought we were gonna get married and all of that. Also, he was a good kisser... That's not pedophila is it? Anyway, that went on for about two years, until I moved to my dad's. I remember one time, I spent the night at his house, and by the way, we didn't know what gay was. We were just two boys who swore to god they were in love, anyway, I got in the bed with him and he started taking off his clothes, and I was just like "What are you doing?" And he responded, "This is what my dad does when he goes to sleep." 
Yeah... It was strange... Anyway, next boyfriend...although he wasn't really my boyfriend, hmm... Let's call him... Drake... Anyways, Drake either was gay, or was too dumb to understand what was going on, because I ended up in a bathroom stall with him and... Let's stop there... I was ten and I am still a virgin... So don't go there. No, stay on the PG-13 side of things. Also, there was no...um pleasuring him. 
All right, this makes me angry. Very angry... Let's talk about the dumbass named Jack. Okay, I met Jack when I first moved back to La Grande, he hung out with Connor, my friend from chapter one? Yeah, we were all loses who played Yu-Gi-Oh. Yeah... Not the proudest stage of my life... Anyway, eventually me and Jack became friends, and we both were fed up with Connor, so one time we went to the card store that we went to together as a group. Now, Jack sucked at Yu-Gi-Oh, and so I told him if I won I would get to try something. Hold on, I'm getting ahead of myself, to me, Jack was ugly. Okay, he was just ugly, but while we were hanging out, I realized how much I liked his personality. A lot. Now back to what I was saying about the card game. Anyways, I won. And long story short we ended up in a bathroom stall too... But, different things happened. Afterwards, I asked him, "Was that okay?" He said yes. So I asked again, "Are you sure?" He said yes. Well, it kind of continued to happen like that for a few months. Then, he moved away, so it all I stopped. He refused to talk to me basically, wouldn't tell me about his life or anything, so I did catfish him. Originally, it was for getting him to open up, until he sent a picture... Anyways, eventually I told him what I did and why. So time of us drifting apart goes by, and then one day I text him, "Hey, we aren't really friends anymore, what happened?" And he says "You". Like excuse me, I did fuck up but you wouldn't talk to me before that, so what I did was not the sole cause, but he just wanted to blame it all on me. Like, really? Ugh, I'm sorry, I have to stop so I don't get too pissed off.
Alright, finally, at last, we reach who I was talking about in my "About Me" section. Andrew, he basically was my summer boyfriend. Let's start with the fact that we dated for a short while. It ended because of my trust issues. Okay? I did ruin that relationship. It's my fault. We both liked each other. So we stayed friends, and every once in awhile, I'd ask him if we still had a chance of being together. He'd always say yes, but say not right then. I needed to be loved then, not later. So I did tell him I was tired of waiting and we left it there. 
Alright, I want to talk about one very special person, a very special person. I don't even know if my friend group knows about this person. Let's call her, Sophie... Never mind, I hate that name...let's call her... Alisha. Sure. Anyways, as I have previously said, I am gay, although I really don't like using that term, I would rather say that I'm into dudes. Alisha is the only girl I have ever fallen in love with. I have been in love twice, I suppose. If you ask me what "love" was, I'd tell you it was like being addicted to a person, like in an unhealthy manner and always wanting to feel their warmth, just being around them is like being high. Even though we only dated for like three days, I think the connection went on long before that. I don't even think she knows thats the way I feel, she doesn't know I'm gay, I know that. She's moved on, I moved on. In the end though, if I had to date a woman and marry her, Alisha would be the one I choose. 
Yeah, so that's love life. Yay... In case you couldn't tell, that was sarcastic.


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