The Tokyo Hospital A novel

In Tokyo, Japan, Reiko, a 23 year old psychiatric nurse, senses that the Graves Hospital in the city, is haunted by ghosts. When she spends the night there, she is terrified by the ghost of Lei, a 13 year old girl who died there two months' ago.


2. The Graves Hospital-Part Two




Wei shivered. 

She gazed at the windows. Her bed was secured by brown straps. She saw the pretty young nurse named Ling give her medications. "Please take them", she ordered. Wei, who saw ghosts, nodded. She didn't want to rock the boat; she didn't want to upset the Administration. Ling, who wore a white nurse's uniform, nodded. Professor Lao would know if any of the patients hadn't taken their medications. It was a painful reminder of the boring necessity of life that demanded order in the Tokyo Hospital.

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