The Tokyo Hospital A novel

In Tokyo, Japan, Reiko, a 23 year old psychiatric nurse, senses that the Graves Hospital in the city, is haunted by ghosts. When she spends the night there, she is terrified by the ghost of Lei, a 13 year old girl who died there two months' ago.


3. The Graves Hospital-Part Three




Ken was busy writing his crime novel called 'Tokyo Nights​'. He had written a supernatural thriller called 'Shadows​', which was published in January 2012. His new book was a Japanese crime noir set in the 1940's. Suddenly he checked his watch. By five o'clock PM, he ordered Chinese food on his phone app. Then he stared at the laptop computer...and wrote until dinner had arrived at six o'clock PM. He imagined seeing Reiko tonight. She was busy; she was always ​busy. And, for him, he knew that their lives wouldn't be broken up by ghosts.

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