The Tokyo Hospital A novel

In Tokyo, Japan, Reiko, a 23 year old psychiatric nurse, senses that the Graves Hospital in the city, is haunted by ghosts. When she spends the night there, she is terrified by the ghost of Lei, a 13 year old girl who died there two months' ago.


1. The Graves Hospital-Part One




The Graves Hospital in Tokyo, Japan, was cold. Reiko, a 23 year old psychiatric nurse, stared at Mr. Lee. "It's alright, I'll put the heating up", she said. He stared out of the freezing window. "I miss my wife, Lynda. She's English", he said. Reiko, who wore a white gown, stared at the other patients. Some of them were banging their heads on the black table; some were asleep in the Community Room's seats, watching a cooking show on cable television; some were playing cards on the other chairs. Reiko adjusted her short, black hair with her small hands; her blue eyes focused on the dark, grim, looking hallway. She walked towards the lights. She flicked them on. Reiko shivered, as if she was thinking that someone, or something, would stretch out their rotten hands towards her. Reiko, who studied psychology for five years at Tokyo College until she was twenty-two, applied to the Psychiatric Hospital Board for a job there last year. Three months' later she was accepted by Professor Lao, a 53 year old man who had worked in the field for three decades. 


Reiko, who wore flat, white shoes on her feet, saw a girl dressed in a white dress. She shifted uneasily as she walked past her. "Wei, what's the matter?", she asked her. Wei, a twelve year old girl who was psychiatrically disturbed, answered: "Lei! I saw Lei!". Reiko stared at the girl. "Who's Lei?". Wei pointed down the long hallway to the Grey Room. "She's there. She was a former patient here. Her spirit haunts the Hospital". And Reiko shook her head. "Come with me, Wei. I'll show you to your room". And Wei nodded, as she was taken there knowing that she was safe from death.


Reiko used her I-phone to call her boyfriend Ken.

"Ken, I'm at the Graves Hospital in Tokyo. My shift ends at 2 AM. Can you pick me up?", she asked him. The sounds of the I-phone irritated her.

"Yes, I will Reiko. I am working on a crime book at home", he answered her.

"Good, I'll look forward to reading it once it's published across Japan...and Asia". Reiko shook her head. "I love you", Reiko said. "I love you, too. Good bye!", Ken said. "I love you as well. Good bye!". And Reiko pressed the END CALL button...and attended to other patients in the century-old hospital.


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