The Tokyo Hospital A novel

In Tokyo, Japan, Reiko, a 23 year old psychiatric nurse, senses that the Graves Hospital in the city, is haunted by ghosts. When she spends the night there, she is terrified by the ghost of Lei, a 13 year old girl who died there two months' ago.


5. The Graves Hospital-Part Five




Reiko shivered. 

She took her dinner break at 7PM. The nurses and doctors were eating at the café. She saw Saiko Tamaka, her best friend, was smiling at her. "I was concerned about you", she said. She had long, black hair, brown eyes, and tall. "You don't have to. Besides, there's a lot of ghosts here". Reiko shook her head. She looked at the Hospital grounds. "What about Lei?", Reiko asked her. "She's not dead", Saiko answered her. Reiko shuddered with fear; Saiko spoke. "She's evil. Once she touches you with her cold, dead, hand, you're dead". And Reiko nodded. "Are you going to...?", Reiko asked her. Saiko didn't answer. "I'm going to go to the Ladies' Restroom". And, as she got up, and walked down the dark hallway, she saw Lei smiling at her. She screamed in terror. Then, as the ghost's freezing hands touched her chest with its dead fingers, Saiko's body was frozen in time and space. And the horror was over for her.

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