The Tokyo Hospital A novel

In Tokyo, Japan, Reiko, a 23 year old psychiatric nurse, senses that the Graves Hospital in the city, is haunted by ghosts. When she spends the night there, she is terrified by the ghost of Lei, a 13 year old girl who died there two months' ago.


6. Epilogue


By 8:00 PM to 1:45 AM, Reiko did her hospital rounds. She saw Detective Rishi stare at her. "How did she die?", he asked in Japanese. "She died because of the ghost that haunts the hospital. And ​that's off the record", she answered him. "Hai. Of course, I saw the 'Ring​' movie. There's no cursed videotapes here". Reiko didn't care about Japanese paranormal books, or movies. She wanted to meet Ken. She sipped her warm coffee. Then she stared at Detective Rishi. He had short, brown hair, hazel eyes, and was average height. He wore a tan detective's suit, black trousers, a black belt, brown socks, and black shoes on his huge feet. On his right, middle, finger was a silver watch. And he was thirty-three years' old. By 2:00 AM, Ken arrived in the early hours of the Tokyo morning to take Reiko home from her long shift at the Hospital. "Reiko, are you okay?", Ken asked her. "Hai. I am!", she said. And she smiled, as she kissed him. He took her away in his blue 2006 coloured van. Then, as she walked towards the passenger-side door of the red ​EMERGENCY ​doors, she opened the passenger-side door. Then, at exactly 2:11 AM, Reiko let Ken drive her away towards the apartment in Tokyo...where she yawned. Then she slept for the next eight hours in their bed...until the talk of ghosts was all but forgotten.

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