Interracial Love

Emma Young was born and raised in a small town called Fort Madison. She's in college and works at the library. Emma has always had a hard time with guys. Ever since the excruciating breakup she went through in her long-term relationship, she's gone on many dates trying to find the right one for her. Trying to meet her many expectations on men, she never thought the one would be.... black.

(This is not a racist story!)


1. Author's Note/ Cast


 This note is explaining a little more that this is not a racist story. This is just how I want it to go. The reason why I'm saying this is because I don't want anyone to assume from my description. I hope you enjoy my story! I will also be updating the cast as the story goes. If the character isn't in the story for that long then I won't post a picture or anything about them. I will also be updating my story every Monday and Saturday. If I don't make the update on one of those days then I will be sure to get one to you guys ASAP! I might feel generous and post more than one or post on a day other than the two I have scheduled. I hope you enjoy this story and don't be afraid to give me some feedback!!




Rachel McAdams as Emma Young

Charles Davis as Michael Williams


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