Interracial Love

Emma Young was born and raised in a small town called Fort Madison. She's in college and works at the library. Emma has always had a hard time with guys. Ever since the excruciating breakup she went through in her long-term relationship, she's gone on many dates trying to find the right one for her. Trying to meet her many expectations on men, she never thought the one would be.... black.

(This is not a racist story!)


2. Another Failed First Date

Emma's POV

It's been 9 months since the breakup and I'm still having no luck moving on. The more I try the harder it gets. I was in a long-term relationship with the one guy I thought I was going to spend the rest of my life with. That quickly ended when he left me for some girl I didn't even know. You feel like the world is crumbling to your feet when the one person you loved the most not only doesn't love you back but lied to you for the longest time. I'm quickly drawn out of my thoughts when I hear a huge bang on the table.

"I mean everyone hates liars and cheaters!" My not so charming date Ryan yells as I jump. 

I just give him a weak smile and shake my head agreeing with what he said. We had been talking about all of his exes for the last hour. I was waiting for any way that I could simply get out of this situation, but there wasn't one.

"You're not having a good time are you?" He asks me with a slight frown. 

"I am! I am just really tired from all this food" I say trying to make it sound believable. This date was such a disaster. 

"How about we get out of here then?" He gives me a small smirk. I try to keep my fear from showing as I give him a small smile and nod my head. He pays for the food and we head to the car. He walks straight to the driver's side and doesn't even bother opening up the door for me. I roll my eyes and get in the car. When we are both in the car and settled he immediately places his hand on my inner thigh. I tense up and cringe at the feeling of his cold and clammy hands on me. 

"So.. your place?" He asks and smiles at me. I look at him and just simply nod my head. He focuses his attention back on the road. What feels like the longest and most awkward drive to my house, we finally arrive. 

My house, by all means, is not big but it's not small either. I live a little bit outside of my hometown, Fort Madison. I grew up in this house and was never able to let go of all the memories that I've had here. I bought the house from my parents after the incident that happened. They couldn't stand to be in that house anymore so they put on the market. A couple years ago I lost my oldest brother Corey to cancer. He had fought it off the first time he was diagnosed and then it came back even stronger. His body couldn't take it. I have another older brother Cameron, but he moved back into town along with my parents.

I was taken out of my thoughts by my door being opened. I slowly get out and head to my front door. I unlock my door and as soon as I get inside I hear my baby boy running down the hall barking. I see my beautiful golden retriever running at me in excitement. I lean down and he begins licking my face. I giggle and give him as much attention as he deserves. I stand up and look behind me to see Ryan staring at my butt. I roll my eyes and walk into my kitchen.

"Would you like something to drink?" I ask him kindly.

"Got any beer?" He says bluntly.

"Uhhh I'm sorry I don't, but I have some wine," I say softly.

"That'll do I guess" He says with no emotion.

I let out a sigh and begin pouring the glasses of wine. Out of the corner of my eye, I see him walking over towards me. As I turn to hand him his glass of wine he slips his hand around my waist. I freeze and look at him with a dead emotion. 

"Here's your wine.." I say very lightly.

"We won't be needing that." He smirks at me and before I get the chance to say anything he grabs my face and immediately places his lips on mine. It was a very sloppy and rough kiss. Not romantic at all. I dropped the glasses of wine from the shock. The red wine stains my beautiful white blouse and seeps all the way down to my feet. I try my best to push him off of me but his grip on my waist was so tight. I bite his lip and push him off me hard. 

"Ow! Are you crazy?!" He yells at me and touches his lip and looks at the blood on his fingers. 

"Never. Force yourself onto me. Ever again. Get out of my house." I point my fingers towards the door. He gets up quickly and I follow him to the door. He turns towards me.

"Can I at least get a goodbye kiss?" He smirks at me.

I give him a dirty look as I slam the door on him. I lean against the back of the door and slide down it. Max walks up to me and lays down putting his head on my lap. I smile softly and stroke his head. 

"When will it get better Max? Huh?" I speak to him.

I look around my little home. My mind flashes back to a cold and rainy day when me and my brothers were little.


"Come on Emma!!" I hear my brother yell down the hall.

I put my rain boots on and run out of my bedroom. I see my brother waiting for me at the door. He opens up the door and we run outside. Right as the door is almost closed we hear our mom yell, "Be careful you two!!!!". We stomp around in the puddles making sure not the miss any. The cold water soaking every inch of our clothing, yet we don't even care. The next thing I know I'm laying on the ground in a puddle. I start crying and I don't even know why. 

Corey rushes to my side and lifts me up engulfing me in a giant bear hug. My sobs begin to muffle as I bury my face in my brother's chest. Then I begin to listen to his heartbeat. The sound pounding in my ears sounds like music, so soft and gentle. 

"I will always be here to catch you when you fall" He pats my back as he reassures me. 

-End of Flashback-

I lift my hand to my face and feel the drops of tears sliding down my flushed cheeks. I stand up and begin shutting all the lights off. I throw my stained clothes in the washer and put a t-shirt and gym shorts on. I climb into my bed with Max jumping in right next to me. He cuddles up to me and I whisper "Goodnight" to him. I reach for my lamp and shut it off. My eyes get heavy and I drift off to sleep.


FINALLY finished my first chapter!!!!!!!! It took me so long because so many things got in the way!!! I should be on track with things from now on, but you know how things happen /: BUT! I hope you like this first chapter! It might not be the best but I really hope you like it and the story will get better as I go on!! Don't be afraid to give me some feedback!! Thank you guys!!! xo - court 


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