The Things You Leave Behind

A boy with no home, no friends, and a mysterious power.

The perfect sister. And a total bitch.

And Zelda.
The problem child.

This holiday season, nothing is as it seems.


1. Welcome To Hell

Mrs. Sarah’s Home For Troubled Girls And Orphans.

It goes by many names.

Safe haven for young girls, Generosity Place, Hideaway of Heaven– and, among us, the girls, Hell.

Oh, it’s not so bad at first. She’ll introduce you to everyone, smiling like an Elf On The Shelf, and next thing you know you’re her little housekeeper.

It’ll happen slowly, through little “be a dear and fetch that for me,” to “I’ll give you extra dessert if you clean the kitchen afterwards,” to “Get on the floor and clean it or no dinner. At all.”

Yep. She’s a real sweetheart. But today, today is the day I could get a ticket out. Or at least, that’s what I’ve been hoping for sixteen years.

I was found on Halloween, bleeding out from at least twelve puncture wounds. It is still unknown whether or not I have any living relatives.

They didn’t even try, just put me into Hell.

And that’s just the beginning.

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