The Things You Leave Behind

A boy with no home, no friends, and a mysterious power.

The perfect sister. And a total bitch.

And Zelda.
The problem child.

This holiday season, nothing is as it seems.


2. Warm Lights, Cold Heart

I have one memory of my mother. It’s not even her face, just her voice.

I remember her telling me the tale of Jack Frost, the boy made of ice that carried his staff in one hand and justice in the other.

The thing I remember the clearest is her telling me, “Little Tigress, love your friends and never give up. And if you ever think there’s a monster under your bed, give it warm milk and cookies. Never be scared of the unknown, welcome it with open arms.”

Now I’m in Hell, without parents, close friends, or siblings. I have nothing left except for the hope that this Christmas adoption day, someone will see that I’m not all bad. That I deserve things besides taunts and abuse.

And if nobody sees it, then I will truly have nothing at all.

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