The Case of the Living Doll

A story of a human-like doll and her owner Undertaker.


8. Chapter 7

Cries of 'The Phoenix,' echoed around the room as people entered the lavish dining hall. Chandeliers hung from the ceiling at random intervals, glass shone in their respective windowpanes and the floor squeaked with the slightest movement of ones foot.

One cry sounded out that stood out from the rest, when a handsome butler and his cute master struck a pose and called out 'The Phoenix!'

Joyous laughter rang out as the Undertaker couldn't contain it any longer, his face was red in what could only be presumed to be drunkeness, but you couldn't really tell when it came to him.

"Eeeheeeheee!! To think you'd ever do something like that!!" Undertaker stood up and placed a sleeve-donned hand over his mouth, trying to control his fits of laughter to no avail. (y/n), who to the butler and earl was still thought to be just a doll, giggled quietly beside him. She hid slightly behind his back, as to not be seen by either of them.


"Saying 'The Phoenix' with such a serious face. Ahaha!"

"You bastard."

"Now now young master." Sebastian placed his hands on Ciels shoulders, "Moreover what are you doing here Undertaker?"

"My job." He replied matter-of-factly.

"We're investigating the illegal human experimentation going on here though." Said Ciel.

"Did you find out anything about that doll, or know anything that has to do with what we're investigating?"

"Let's see..." Undertaker pretended to think about it and grasped his dolly's hand behind his back, "I can't say I do." A misleading, mischievous smile spread on his face. He was clearly not telling the truth. But before the butler and earl could question him further it was time for the dinner to start.


After dinner it was time for the main event. The party's host for the evening went up on stage and began giving a speech:

"Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for coming to today's research presentation of the Aurora Society's 'complete salvation of mankind through medicine.'" After a round of applause he continued, "What is complete salvation you say? It is complete health of mind, body and spirit."

"However there's the worst kind of health issue that we can't overcome no matter how we try and that is death!" He placed a hand on a coffin that had been placed behind him, "And the great power that will save us is the Aurora Society's medicine."

"We will now show you ladies and gentlemen, the fruits of our research." He motioned for some guys in black uniforms to take off the lid of the coffin and inside lay a beautiful and quite clearly dead, girl. Her eyes were blindfolded and her mouth was sewn shut.

It was charmingly grotesque.

Undertaker felt (y/n) stiffen, it was as though she knew what was about to happen. He gripped her hand tighter and circled soothing patterns on it with his thumb.

"I want to save her, not just for her, but for her grieving parents also."

"Ladies and gentlemen, I will now show you the power of medicine. THE COMPLETE SALVATION!"

The girl slowly rose out of the coffin and her dainty hand rose up along with the rest of her body, she seemed to be pointing at (y/n), but of course that was only in little dolly's mind.

Undertaker sensed what she was thinking and brought her closer to him, his arm felt reassuring.

"TAKE A LOOK!" The host shouted once more, "With our medicine we can even overcome death!"

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