The Case of the Living Doll

A story of a human-like doll and her owner Undertaker.


7. Chapter 6

Salty air, seagulls sounding in the blue, almost cloudless, skies above and the clamouring of hundreds of footsteps of people waiting to board the Campania, and the tearful families bidding them farewell: but little did they know that this might be their final goodbyes.

But lets leave that for another time.

While the Earl and Butler were checking out their surroundings and on full alert for anything suspicious.

The most suspicious of all things, or people, who had been under their noses the whole time, had just boarded the beautiful ship before them, with his little dolly in tow.

The doll, who you at this point wasn't a doll at all, stared with wide-eyes around her.

(y/n) might've been a noble when she was 'alive,' but she hadn't set foot out off her little street in London and this was the first time she was seeing something so magnificent.

Since meeting the Undertaker she had seen so many new things, often weird at times, but new nonetheless.

(y/n) paused and looked up at the sky, basking in the warm sunshine that fell onto her face, filling her with the utmost happiness. She hadn't felt this much bliss in a long time.

She didn't have many memories of her time as a doll, but she could remember exactly how it felt: darkness, darkness and more darkness, with a mix of loneliness.

She didn't feel hatred towards the ones who had done that to her, even though she should, she just felt a deep and endless sadness. Not just for herself, but for her fiance and family as well.

A part of her would never forget her fiance or even how she had loved him, however it was getting harder and harder for her to remember his face.

It had been so long and now she had been given a new chance at life.

One she wouldn't let go to waste.

She felt a tug on her sleeve, as she stood day-dreaming, and she turned her head to the side to beam a brilliant smile at the male beside her.

With his long, silver hair and his wide smile that couldn't really be called a smile, but more like a cheeky grin and his all-black ensemble, he was the complete opposite of her fiance (from what she could remember) but she didn't mind.

As mentioned before he was her saviour and an odd-feeling welled up in her chest when he looked at her.

Was there a way to describe it? She didn't even know.

"Welcome to the Campania, my dear (y/n). Tonight shall be a fun." He snickered and began to drag (y/n) around the ship.

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