The Case of the Living Doll

A story of a human-like doll and her owner Undertaker.


5. Chapter 5

The tinkling of a bell sounded, followed by the tap tap tap of a cane, as the young earl entered the Undertakers shop, swerving round coffins as he went: his butler closely behind him.


He started a little when his eyes roamed the room and came to a stop on a human-like silhouette that stood out in the almost darkness.

This silhouette was in fact the human doll, who was still propped up in the same spot they had last seen her just weeks before. Had she been there the whole time? Didn't the Undertaker ever think of moving her somewhere else?

Not that they were complaining really. They needed something beautiful look at. It was gloomy just looking at all the coffins and specimens that lined the walls. Compared to that the doll was like a breath of fresh air.

A single candle somehow came to life illuminating the dolls features and Ciel inched closer to her for a better look. She really did look as though she would start moving any second. So life-like.

Little did the earl and butler know that she could indeed move, even if it was only the basic movements. Sure Undertaker had altered her memories, or you could say he added to them, so that she could at least walk and talk. But her limbs had been stiff for so long, stuck in that doll-like state, that just walking more than a few steps tired her out. Plus she felt more comfortable just sitting in the usual spot, watching Undertaker work, or just be his weird self.

Truly she was grateful to him. For years she had been unable to move: just waiting and waiting in that old abandoned factory for someone to come to save her from the turmoil she felt. Also she felt gratitude for the earl and butler, for they had rescued her and unknowingly introduced her to the Undertaker. If she could ever find the strength to talk a full sentence she would be sure to thank them.

The earl reached out a gloved hands and felt her cheek. It was so astonishing how soft and humanlike her skin was. There was no doubt that this doll had once been human. He drew his face closer to hers. When he felt a slight breeze as a hand landed on the dolls shoulder.

Ciel straightened up to see Undertaker with an almost sinister smile directed at him, he felt somewhat of a chill.

The Undertaker moved forward a bit so his arm was now resting on her shoulders.

"What brings you here?" He still smiled that sinister smile and strolled towards his desk and sat in the chair, clasping his hands in front of him. His smile had returned to its usual one of glee.

Ciel cleared his throat and answered, "we came here today to ask you if you've heard anything about the illegal experiments that doctors have been performing?"

Undertaker thought about it and stole a glance at (y/n), of course he was the only one who knew her name: out of the people currently present anyway.

"In this line of work you hear about many things, so it might be possible that I've heard some things about it."

"The experiments sound awfully similar to another case that has also cropped up. One that relates somewhat to the lovely doll there." Ciel looked pointily at her, "last time you said you would investigate how she came to be in this state and the main purpose of this visit is to ask what you had found out."

Undertaker shifted in his site and stood up. He waved his sleeves about as he walked and explained most of what he had found in his investigations. He left out some of the main points.

It was more fun for them to find out for themselves. Not that he would let them touch (y/n) in the first place.

As he finished explaining he sat beside (y/n) and played with her hair, noting the blush on her fair cheeks as he did so. He smiled internally to himself. Her blushing face, her smiling face and knowing how soft and melodic her voice was, was all his.

He purposely didn't inform the earl and his butler that (y/n) could now move. For the moment he wanted he wanted her all to himself and it all worked into his plans perfectly.

Ciel, who was seemingly satisfied with the information he had acquired, bid Undertaker farewell and stole one more glance of the beautiful doll, before motioning to Sebastian to follow him outside.

Undertaker stood up and stretched before pulling (y/n) to her feet. He picked her up brial style, partly to save her strength and partly because be liked being so close to her. He strolled over to the coat rack and set her on her feet. He took a sleek black coat of the rack and helped (y/n) to put it on and then put on his own. Not forgetting his top hat.

Then he pecked her on the nose. "Come on little dolly we have work to do." He took her hand and exited the shop.

In the dwindling light a newspaper could be seen on the desk and you could just make out a picture of the newly built ship 'Campania.'

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