The Case of the Living Doll

A story of a human-like doll and her owner Undertaker.


4. Chapter 4

The man held the half-dead girl in his arms and ran. He ran until his lungs hurt every time he breathed in much needed air and his legs felt numb. And just when he couldn't run anymore he arrived at the very place that could help him.

It was a rundown factory on the outskirts of London and it was run by a man who made human-like dolls. Or I suppose you could say they were dolls who used to be human. Some people believed it was to preserve their lives and others just want a person to be with them forever: these people were usually not in their right minds.

The man was instructed to lay her on an unused table and he was told to come back in a few days to retrieve her, like she was just some object that he had taken to be repaired.

If the girl was awake, I think she would've had some objections about that.

The factory owner got to work and he had created the perfect doll.

Her skin looked as though it was made of porcelain and her hair flowed down to her waist. (e/c), framed by long black eyelashes, shone brightly, but never blinked.

She was beautiful.

The owner waited the recommended days and he waited some more. But the man who had brought the girl there never returned again.

Maybe he had gone completely mad and got himself killed. Or maybe it was he who had dealt the finishing blow.

Nobody knew.

So the girl-doll remained there. She was put on display and never moved again.

That was until Ciel and Sebastian had found her and handed her over to a certain silver-haired man.

The very man who was watching from afar and smiling in glee.

You see the story wasn't something that one should be smiling about, there was nothing joyous about the whole affair. But Undertaker found it amusing.

Now he knew how to turn living things into dolls and later he would be the one to name them 'Bizarre Dolls.'

But for now he had a different task on hand and that was awakening the doll before him.

There was only one way he could think of and that was to add new memories to the end of the film. The film that was reeling out of her body.

The memories included events that should've happened in her life, after all she was far too young when she died and there were memories that Undertaker played a part in.

Hopefully this would work.

~~~ Back in the funeral home ~~~

Undertaker carefully pulled out his scythe and helped the girl get into a sitting position.

There was nothing  noticeably different about her, except from the twinkle that was now in her eye and her skin looked less pale.

Undertaker twirled a strand of hair around his finger and bought it to his lips.

"Now my dear, what is your name?"

"My name is (y/n), Undertaker."

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