The Case of the Living Doll

A story of a human-like doll and her owner Undertaker.


3. Chapter 3

Soft music swirled around the room, almost erasing the sounds of laughter, clinking of glasses and the shuffling of feet that filled the room. As far as the eye could see people were dancing happily, eating their fill of rich and tasty delicacies and just enjoying the party.

The smell of perfume and joy mixed together and created a smell that lingered in the air. Among the people that were swarming about were two people who looked the happiest. These two people were a girl, who looked no older than 18 and a young man who looked a couple years older than her and a few moments later Undertaker knew that this was their engagement party.

Off to the side there stood a man who stood apart from the rest. At first glance you would think he seemed uninterested, but if you looked closely you would see the green-eyed monster hidden behind those brown eyes of his, swirling with envy and malice.

Now you might think that this is going to be your typical story of a man meeting a girl, but she's already promised to someone else and the lovesick man would do anything to keep the sworn lovers apart. However he took it a lot further and made sure they would never lay his on each other again.

Later that evening, as the air outside cooled and the owl began to begin it's nighttime serenade of hoots, there was a single man clutching a knife in his hand and a burning jealousy in his wretched heart, as he made his way to the manor that housed his love and her fiance.

All was quiet in the manor, as it was quite clear that nothing, or no one, was awake in the manor. Nothing stirred and nothing was amiss.

That was unless you saw the very man who was now seething with anger and the hand clutching his weapon shook even more. He didn't even think, he didn't even worry about making a sound, or that anybody who looked out of their windows at this very moment would see what he was about to do.

He just acted on impulse as he grabbed a nearby rock and lobbed it at a downstairs window, causing the glass to shatter and rain down on the ground before his feet.

A light flickered on in a room upstairs, which he assumed was the very room the girl he loved and her hateful fiance slept.

He climbed through the now broken window, not caring if he got cut by the jagged pieces of glass and made his way through the house, until he came to a stop outside of the room, the room that his beloved was in.

Soft footsteps could be heard as someone made their way to the door, clearly to investigate what all the ruckus was and as the door opened, revealing a tall, handsome man: just this alone made the monster within him to roar louder and without another foot he plunged the knife into the other mans heart.

All the while the girl behind him was too shocked to do anything, so she just stood next to the bed and wept as soon as she saw the knife enter the heart of the man she loved.

But when the murderer had pulled the knife out of the mans body, so he could stab him again and again, a gaping hole could be seen. Blood poured out of the wound and pooled at their feet. The smell filled the room and filled their nostrils.

The girl gagged and ran to her fiance, kneeling beside him she held him in her arms: not caring that her once white nightgown was now dyed a deep red. A deep blood red.

Blinded with his rage and jealously, the man didn't notice that the girl he would kill for was now embracing her beloved and was somewhat shielding him with her body.

Blow after blow, stab after stab, slash after slash. His knife didn't stop, it didn't falter. Not until he was satisfied.

Once he had calmed down, he looked at the site before him and his eyes widened in shock and sorrow.

The girl who had been shielding her fiance, had slashes here and there on her once blemish-free skin and she was losing a lot of a blood and fast.

Her eyes swam and she became dizzy. Losing consciousness was something very near.

The man couldn't believe his eyes. No he didn't want to believe it.

Consumed by grief and a new found rage, he roughly grabbed the girl by the arm and dragged her out of the blood-soaked room, down the stairs and out into the street.

He felt her drop to the ground and it was plain to see that the girl had now lost consciousness.

Tears slipped down his face as he gingerly picked her up and took her to the one person who he knew could help her.

A person who could revive the dead, or near dead and turn them into something that was less than human.

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