The Woodsgirl A novel

In 1812, Elspeth Harrow, a twelve year old village girl, dies in the dark woods by a prank gone wrong. In January of 2012, a group of teenagers head to the Morse Woods in New York for a party. When they go near the oak tree, they meet the spirit of Elspeth who seeks revenge.


4. The Woodsgirl-Part Three


Peter Shaffer III gazed at the dark woods. He saw Amy Jenkins, his girlfriend, was smoking. "Maybe it's wrong to go to the woods; maybe we...", Peter said. Amy smiled at him. "Look, we're having a party tonight. And nothing will be going to awry", she said. Peter, who was driving, stopped near the woods. He had several beers in the black truck; he was dreaming of asking Amy to marry him. Their other friends were going to greet them. At least he hoped so; he wasn't sure that he was that the perfect time to propose to her. Seconds later, they frowned. "No one's here", Amy said. Suddenly they saw the orange-red leaves were swirling around the brown 2008 van. Then, to their shock, both of them saw the Woods girl grinning at them. "​Leave the woods now before you all die​". And the couple screamed. Then Amy headed back to the passenger-side door, put her seat belt on, and sat on the black seat. Peter opened the driver's-side door, put his seat belt on, closed the door, and drove away from the woods near New York. Then, by 8:00 PM, the party was over.

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