The Woodsgirl A novel

In 1812, Elspeth Harrow, a twelve year old village girl, dies in the dark woods by a prank gone wrong. In January of 2012, a group of teenagers head to the Morse Woods in New York for a party. When they go near the oak tree, they meet the spirit of Elspeth who seeks revenge.


2. The Woodsgirl-Part One


The early morning sun was in the bright sky. 

Charles Baxter, nineteen, was driving his black 2011 Ford towards Morse Woods. He smiled at Helen Johnstone, his eighteen year old girlfriend, was listening to Aerosmith on the radio. "I heard that Chad was coming soon", Charles said. He was afraid that his best friend would say something stupid. Charles, who was six foot two, wore a red shirt, blue jeans, a black belt, brown socks, and black shoes on his huge feet. Helen, who was five foot six, wore a black dress, and brown shoes on her feet. She glanced at the sign that read: ​Morse Woods-5 miles to the right​; she was sure that the woods weren't haunted. Charles checked the GPS system. "Go there". Helen said. Charles drove down the gravelly path...then he stopped. He had heard about the Elspeth story from his father, Don Baxter, who was forty-eight. "Be careful, Charles of The Woods girl", he warned his son. And he knew that the idea of pranking in the 19th century was as diabolical as the 20th century was. And, by the beginning of the 21st Century begun in the year 2000, he stared at the dark woods. He stopped driving. "Let's get out!", he said. By four o'clock PM, the sun's rays hovered above the oak tree. Suddenly they took their seat belts off. Then they opened the doors, and went outside.


The oak tree's branches hovered above the limp form of The Woods girl. Helen stared at the dead, skeletal, body; the body was full of leaves. Charles shivered. He looked at the body. "Elspeth Harrow. She died in 1812 aged 12". He was about to say more when the body moved. They screamed in terror. And, as they fled towards the Ford, Elspeth rose from the dead...and guarded the woods.


Chad Gorton, Jr., eighteen, was driving the grey 2009 van. He smoked a cigarette, as he stared at the Morse Woods sign. He wiped away an errant black hair with his left hand. He drove down the gravel path towards the woods. He had a black shirt, blue jeans, a black belt, grey socks, and black shoes on his feet. "Are we there, Chad?", Natalie West, asked him. "Yes", he answered. She smiled. She was eighteen as well. She had long, blonde hair, blue eyes, and tall. She had short, blonde hair, blue eyes, and petite. She wasn't used to dating athletes; she was a girl who preferred writing to sports. "Look! There's the woods", Chad said. "Where's Charles and Helen? Maybe we're early", Natalie asked him. "I don't know. There's a rumour that this is the Woods girl's woods", he answered her. "The Woods girl", she said, frowning. "Elspeth Harrow. She died in 1812 because of a prank gone wrong", Chad said. Natalie shivered. She didn't know anything about her. No one told her about the girl; no one. Suddenly she saw the orange-red leaves that were near the oak trees. "Chad, something's happening", she told her boyfriend. When they took off their seat belt, they opened the doors...and went outside. When both of the them headed towards the oak tree, the spirit of Elspeth Harrow swirled around them. She grabbed Natalie with her right, skeletal, hand. She then grinned. "​This is my woods", the Woods girl said. And both of them screamed...and fled the dark, dim, woods.

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