The Woodsgirl A novel

In 1812, Elspeth Harrow, a twelve year old village girl, dies in the dark woods by a prank gone wrong. In January of 2012, a group of teenagers head to the Morse Woods in New York for a party. When they go near the oak tree, they meet the spirit of Elspeth who seeks revenge.


5. Epilogue


​Elspeth Harrow dreamed of a better death that had gripped her. She gazed at the demon in the oak tree. She imagined it had forced her to attack the teenagers...and punishment for her own death back in 1812; she was ignored by the demon as the new group of people had died young. In the middle of the thick, New York, woods was the black altar where religious rites were performed three centuries' ago. Elspeth took a long, deep, breath. Then she waited for the teenagers to return.

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