The Woodsgirl A novel

In 1812, Elspeth Harrow, a twelve year old village girl, dies in the dark woods by a prank gone wrong. In January of 2012, a group of teenagers head to the Morse Woods in New York for a party. When they go near the oak tree, they meet the spirit of Elspeth who seeks revenge.


1. Elspeth Harrow-1812

Morse Woods

The ​children of the small village were giggling. They were walking around the oak trees. Elspeth Harrow, who was twelve, swirled and swirled around the orange-red coloured leaves. She wore a white smock around her small waist; she was wearing black boots on her feet. She had long, black hair, brown eyes, and petite. "​Elspeth! Elspeth!​", the village children taunted. "Leave me alone!​", she uttered. But it was too late. She ran away towards the oak tree. Then, suddenly, the leaves wrapped around her. She screamed in despair, as the tree's sharp branches covered her. In the end, she died as the demon inside the tree said: "​You'll take revenge on them...and take revenge for what happened​", it said. And Elspeth closed her eyes...and died.

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