The Reaper III A novel

The Reaper is back. When Danny Martin, a eighteen year old fraternity member, is dead in an accident, it begins to claim him. But, as it does so, Danny's girlfriend, Tammie Lynne, who is eighteen, a sorority member, decides to get rid of The Reaper once and for all.

The final book in the series.


2. The End of The Reaper-Part Two


"Danny's mine, Tammie Lynne. Go away!". 

"No!​ I'm taking him".

And it raised the scythe in the cold, southerly, wind...and grinned. 

Tammie Lynne wiped away her red hair with her short, right hand. Then she made a huge hole that was full of mud; she then watched as the horse was stuck. "No! No!​", The Reaper yelled. It struggled to get out. "Now you can't do anything​", Tammie Lynne said. She smiled in triumph, as she knew that she'd had won the final battle against the supernatural creature was over.

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