The Reaper III A novel

The Reaper is back. When Danny Martin, a eighteen year old fraternity member, is dead in an accident, it begins to claim him. But, as it does so, Danny's girlfriend, Tammie Lynne, who is eighteen, a sorority member, decides to get rid of The Reaper once and for all.

The final book in the series.


1. The End of The Reaper-Part One


Time stood still. The Reaper held onto the sharp, silvery, scythe in its right hand. It headed to the Phi Kappa Phi fraternity in New York; it was going to take Danny Martin's soul. Suddenly, as the teenager was dying from a heart malfunction that was a defect since birth, Tammie Lynne, his girlfriend, was crying. "I love you, Danny", she uttered; she gazed at the thick, black, smoke. Suddenly she saw The Reaper who was on a black horse. "He's dead. I'm going to take him". And it smiled, while Tammie Lynne broke down and decided to get revenge on The Reaper.


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