The Reaper III A novel

The Reaper is back. When Danny Martin, a eighteen year old fraternity member, is dead in an accident, it begins to claim him. But, as it does so, Danny's girlfriend, Tammie Lynne, who is eighteen, a sorority member, decides to get rid of The Reaper once and for all.

The final book in the series.


3. Epilogue


​The ​ending came for The Reaper. It shook its skull head. Its flaming, red, eyes glowed with fury. Its black cape fluttered in the southerly wind; its black boots was forced out of the mud. Its horse neighed in anger. Once it was out, it stared at Tammie Lynne. Seconds later, she grabbed a book on the supernatural. "I bind you, Reaper, to the grey road; I bind you so that you can't move and take more victims as they die. The natural order of death is back to normal. Now, go away!". And The Reaper saw a swirling black mist arrive as if by magic. It covered its whole body; it then disappeared into the darkness...and wasn't seen again.


By nine-thirty PM, Tammie Lynne felt better. She could bury her dead brother at the New York Cemetery. She would tell her parents, Bob and Lucy Lynne, their forty year old English teachers, that they could have a funeral of Danny. When they were told by her I-phone, Tammie smiled. She called for a taxi, and headed home for the evening.

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