7. 7. Festival

I walked into the living room and met with Luke. He looked hot in his ripped skinny jeans and a Pierce the Veil shirt.

“To the Lukemobile” he announced making me laugh.


We got to the festival and headed for the rides. I was a huge thrill seeker. We got on the Zipper first and laughed at are silly reactions, when the ride turned us around.

Stumbling off the ride he spoke “Food?”

“As always,” I responded.


I got a corn dog and ate maybe half of it. My mind told me not to eat more as I didn’t want to look fat in front of Luke. We were done and sitting in chairs under the stars and the bright colorful lights beaming from the rides.

“Mikayla, are you okay?” Luke asked me quizzingly.

“I’m great! This has been the most amazing night ever.”


We got back to my apartment seeing the boys watching frozen.

“How was the date?” Calum questioned.

“It was wonderful” I said smiling from ear to ear, tonight was amazing.

We watched Frozen with the guys and I noticed Luke disappeared. When the movie was over we started watching Princess Protection Program. Luke had not come back yet.

“Guys... where’s Luke?” I asked.

“Yeah he’s been gone a while” Michael spoke as Ashton paused the movie, and we strained our ears to listen.

“It sounds like he’s crying, Mikayla and I will check on him.” Ashton said.

We followed the crying to my office door which was shut. Looking at each other we both knocked.

“Yeah... Yea... who is is it?” Luke stuttered.

“Ashton and Mikayla.” Ash responded, opening the door to a crying Luke laying on the floor, muffling his tears with his shirt.

“What’s wrong mate?” Ash asked.


Luke held up a razor with blood on it.

“ I used this “

“Luke what the hell are you okay?” I asked as Ashton went to get Luke’s Black bag.

“I couldn’t help it, it was only three cuts, I felt bad, come here Mikayla.” Luke spoke with his tear stained face.

He lifted up my sleeve, I felt bad for not being there for you, I couldn’t take it, I want to see how many times you needed me and I wasn’t there” he said softly into my shoulder.


Ash came back with the bag and we patched up Luke. He told the guys, and we all comforted him. Sooner we all fell asleep one by one next to each other on the couch, me leaning on Luke and Michael Leaning on me.

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