6. 6.Morning

Mikaylas Pov

I woke up to the smell of pancakes from the kitchen. After doing the usual, brushing teeth, washing face, putting contacts in I walked into the kitchen my feet hitting the tile floor.

“Morning,” Luke said putting a pancake on a plate and handing it to me, as the rest of the boys were all head in pancake mode.

“Thank you Luke” I spoke smiling politely. In a few short days I knew I could trust them. Yeah it might sound stupid but I know. I thought about it last night and I kind of like Luke too, but I have never had a boyfriend, first kiss, or you know, I was also definitely not going to make the first move either.

“So Mikayla, do you want to go to the festival tonight, with me, by ourselves?” Luke asked me as the boys stared intently waiting for my choice.

“You know Luke, I would love to go on a date with you” I said hugging look and feeling his warm embrace.

“I told you” Ashton said as he passed me heading to the bathroom. I didn’t have any friends to call so even though it’s the festival the guys are going to help me get ready.

I picked out what I was going to wear, black ripped Jeans, a black Green Day shirt, converse and a beanie. Calum and Michael kept me company while I was getting ready as Ashton helped Luke.

“You look stunning,” Calum said.

“Yeah you look beautiful.” Mikey spoke.

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