4. 4. Chuck E Cheese

Mikayals pov

We hoped out of the van and headed in. They stamped are hands even though we had no kids with us. They got tokens and a pizza and we sat down at the red booth.

“Do you want some pizza?” Michael asked.

“No,” I said... shit .... “I already ate,” I spoke thank gosh Luke wasn’t hear to point out my obvious lie. I pulled my sleeves down when I noticed Ashton looking. Shit I hope he didn’t see my cuts.

“So how did you meet my main hoe Luke” Calum asked me.

“Uh um actually we met at Walmart and just became friends!” I responded to the question.

“Let’s play some games!” Luke shouted. As we all went our separate ways.


About a hour or so into playing I shoved my tokens and tickets in my pocket and headed to go to the bathroom.

“Uh... um Mikayla,” Ashton said stopping me, he held my arm and I got a gut wrenching feeling as I knew what he was gonna do next.

“I um saw something when we were at the booth” Ashton spoke lifting up my sleeve slowly as to draw out the process. ... But instead of reacting he just stood there in front of me, a tear rolling down his cheek as he pushed up his band bracelets revealing his cuts.

I didn’t know what to say. We both just stood there tears rolling down our cheeks and he pulled me in to a warm embrace.

“Stay strong Beautiful, nothing bad ever lasts forever,” he spoke kissing my hand.

“Thank you Ashton” I spoke shocked at what just happened.


We went home and crashed at my apartment binge watching horror movies until we fell asleep.

I awoke to a arguing, keeping my eyes shut I listened.

“Did you know about this?” I heard Michael ask Luke.

“Yes,” he responded.

“I saw them” Ashton spoke.

“Those are deep guys, she is most definitely gonna need stitches.” I heard Calum say I then sat up.

Shit. My flannel wasn’t on... they knew... they all knew...


They dragged me into the van an on the way to the hospital I just sat and cried on Luke’s shoulder... what if they put me in a psych ward?


“All done” the doctor finished stitching the last cut and handed me the papers.

“By law we are not going to admit you to psych but if we see you a second time we have too” He said. I nodded in understanding ...


We arrived back in the hospital and I knew I was going to have to explain.

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