3. 3. Do you want to hang out?

Mikayla pov

I woke up on Luke’s lap still sitting in the bathroom.

“Good morning sunshine” Luke spoke.

“Thank you so much, Luke thank you for everything,” I said.

“Anytime Mikayla.” He said as we got up and headed to the living room where Luke watched tv as I made some coffee.

Why was he so nice? Why the black bag? I pondered looking over at it sitting on my counter.

“Hey Mikayla, do you want to hang with me and my friends today?” Luke spoke.

“Ummm yeah sure I’m not doing anything” I answered, nervous about meeting them.

“We don’t really know what we are doing, so is it okay if we all meet up here?” Luke asked me.

“Uh yeah that’s fine I guess just give them my address!” I spoke.


Within a few minutes they were at my apartment.

“I apologize for it being so terribly messy” I apologized as they sat down.

“Your apartments fine, you should see ours” the the boy with the eyebrow piercing said.

I went into my room to get changed and do my makeup since I still had mascara running down my face. Then there was a knock at my bedroom door.

“Who is it?” I asked knowing it was one of the guys.

“Luke” he spoke.

“Come in, just shut the door behind you” I replied.


“Hey I just came in to help you change your bandages” Luke said sitting the black bag down.

He undressed my bandages and trough the bloody rags away.

“Luke, why did you already have a bag prepared?” I asked him letting my curiosity get the best of me.

“Well, I know some friends who self harm... and Uh I used to myself” he said lifting his shirt a bit to reveal scars on his stomach.

“Oh Luke,” I said hugging him.


He changed my bandages and we all sat down in the living room.

“This is Calum, Michael and Ashton” Luke said introducing me to them.

“Hello” the boys said.

“Where to?” Calum I think asked.

“Hmmm Uh CHUCKE CHESEE” Michael said.

“Michael, wait that’s not a bad idea” everyone said in there own ways.

And there we were in the van driving to a kids arcade. You’re never to young.

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