2. 2. The Call

Mikayla’s pov


There I was in a blood poring down my wrist. I reached for my phone and dialed him, I dialed Luke.

“Hello?” A groggy Luke answers.

“Fifteen, fifteen, cuts I’m i I’m bleeding, I can’t find my bandages, please Luke help, help me,” I said sobbing into my phone.

Within in minutes Luke was in my bathroom with a black bag.

“Shh it’s okay Mikayla lets take care of these.” Luke spoke pouring peroxide over my arm, he then put antibiotic ointment, gauze and wrapped my arm.

“I thanks thank you Luke” I said, fuck, I began hyperventilating, great a panic attack.

“Shh everything will be okay, I’m here for you,” Luke said picking me up and setting me on his lap, there on my cold bathroom floor in a pool of my own blood. Why, why was he so kind to me? Why did he already have a bag ready?

“Calm down, deep breaths, nothing bad lasts forever, I’m here for you Mikayla” Luke spoke stroking my hair as I was sobbing into his shirt, my tears leaving stains.

And there I was, on Luke’s lap, my tears staining his shirt, on his lap, sitting on my cold bathroom floor, in a pool of my own blood. We sat like that to what felt like forever until I fell asleep in his very arms.

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