1. 1. Walmart

Mikayla’s pov

I walked into Walmart at 3 in the morning going straight for the disposable razors. I grabbed the pink pack, even though I knew I would take it apart later. I picked up some gauze and band aids. After I threw those in my basket and I headed for the art department. I sighed as I put the sharpeners in the basket. No one cares about me why should I, that thought ran through my head as I walked to the only open lane.

“Hi I’m Luke” the cashier said.

“That’s $4.56” he said.

“Are you sure?” I asked knowing the razors and sharpeners where $5 a pack.

“Yes I’m sure, I’m not letting you buy these” he said to me.


“I know what your doing, no one shows up at 3 in the morning and gets disposable razors, sharpeners and gauze” he spoke.

“Uh well whatever your thinking is wrong, I just want to shave my legs and the gauze is for if I get a Knick.” I said stuttering because I know Luke knew what I planed on doing with them.

“Really? Then lift up your sleeves” he said.

I knew i was gonna show him. I don’t know why I just did... I pulled up my sleeves slowly showing my scars. He gasped then held my hand then let go. He slowly lifted up his sleeves.

“ I recognized it as soon as I saw what you had... I struggle to” Luke said

A tear ran down my cheek as did one on Luke’s.

“Here,” he said handing me his number. “If you ever want to hurt yourself give me a ring.”

I wrote down my number on a recite handed it to him and walked to my car.


I was back in my apartment starring at the ceiling in silence .

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