Alpha Xander

Mayan Lewis is a 17 year old werewolf her dream is to find her mate. But the only complication is she is a rouge, because her parents where killed by and alpha and his pack. Ever since then she has hated and feared Alphas. Mayan has a younger brother and sister Carly and Jack. But how is Mayan going to react when she finds her mate is an Alpha and he happens to be the most fearful alpha of the strongest pack in the world the Black Moon


2. Alpha


As I opend my eyes f of waking up I shut the right away because of the sun. Once my eyes finally settled to the light i woke up to find Carly and Jack still sleeping. I trapped a piece of paper and a pencil to tell them I was going to go look for food. I set it in between them and left. I always love walking its so peaceful and relaxing. I set by basket down by a blueberry bush and started picking some of the blueberries. I stoped immediately.

What was that? I thought.

Probably a deer or bunny, my wolf responded.

Are you sure about that it didn’t 

Randomly I start to feel dizzy I look at my shoulder where I feel an extreme amount of pain.

“What is-“ I stated. Before I could finish I fell  to the ground screaming but I was in so much pain screaming wouldn’t help. Blackness started to cover my vision as I was a huge grey wolf shifting back in to human. Then blackness cover everything.


I woke up with searing piano in my left shoulder as I was going to touch it my arm Burst out in pain and I was holding back tears. Are you kidding me silver chains. I thought but Iheard foot steps combing toward my way. “Good your finally up.” Stated a man with dirty blond hair in jeans and a blue shirt. “Look like you can see the alpha now.” He said. I started shaking really bad not knowing what I was doing. “No pleases do get the alpha!” I screamed holding back tears. “I’m sorry but I have to.”  He stated he was going to go but  he looked at me I don’t know why. “Please....Please.... don’t get the....Alpha!” I said between sobs. “I have to” The man said before walking away. Now I was freaking out. 



I was in my Office working on paper work when I heard a knock on the door. “Come in.” I half yelled. My beta Jason walked up to my desk “Alpha their was a rouge by the border we have her she’s in the cells.” Stated Jason. “Alright I’ll be there in a minute.” I said and Jason left. Great now I have to think of a punishment for this rouge. I thought. I got up and headed towards the door to my office to go to the cells. When I was in the hallway going to the cells I cought a scent of lavender my wolf started getting excited I don’t know why tho. As I was getting to the cells the scent of lavender was getting stronger and stronger. The scent led to a beautiful young girl with Brown hair that led to her waist she had beautiful blue eyes and a perfectly shaped body.

Mate! Mate! Mate! My wolf was yelling in my head I was trying to fight him off but I didn’t succeed. “Mine!” My wolf yelled making the girl in the cell scared.


“Mine!” Yelled the man his scent was amazing. But I was terrified he was the Alpha my mate was an alpha. Mate! Mate! Mate! My wolf was yelling at me trying to take over but she used all the energy she had heft I mind like me that of all things. He unlocked the door and came into my cell he looked hot he has black messy hair he was wearing dark jeans and a black tight fitting shirt. He unlocked my chains and he shoved me in against the wall.

“What’s your name” He asked in a husky voice which was turning me on. “M-Mayan” I stuttered he mush have noticed I was scared to and let me go. The same wolf from earlier came in the cell. “Jason take her to my room.”Orderd the Alpha. “Yes Alpha” Stated Jason. “Come on” Jason orderd me. I started walking with him. We where halfway down the hall and I decided to break the silence. “ Um sir What Pack is this?” I questioned. “Please call me Jason and you are in the Black Moon Pack.” Jason answered. “Thanks Si-Jason. We stopped in front of a door he opened the door for me and I walked in it was a huge room a king size bed with a dark blue cover and bark brown wood for his floor and dark blue walls. “I’ll leave you be I’ll be outside the door if you need me Alpha should be done working soon.” Jason informed me shuting the door. I walked into  another room it was a huge master bathroom with a jacuzzi in the center and cream color walls. I turned off the light and shut the door. I opened another door which reviled a huge walk-in closet. I decided to get a shower concerning I’m covered in dirt. I showerd for about 20 minuets. I walked out of the bathroom in a towel. Wait I don’t have any cloths I though. Wear one of his my wolf informed me. So I walked into his closet and grabbed a long white dress shirt hopeing that covers enough I took in his scent why is he doing this to me. I slipped it on and walked out of the closet. And the bedroom door shut. “You look sexy in my clothes.” I was startled by this and turned around to meet the same man earlier. The Alpha 

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