The Reaper II A novel

The Reaper is a supernatural creature that thrives on Death. When twenty year old Campbell Jones dies in an accident, his sixteen year old sister, Amy Jones, tries to convince her parents that the creature is after her. The sequel to The Reaper.


2. The Reaper-Part Two


By 10:30 PM, Amy Jones was asleep in bed when the her mother Kara Jones told her that Campbell was dead. She awoke in a daze; she uttered: "​No! He's not dead! He was at the fraternity party. It was his last year at Phi Kappa Phi; it was...He can't be dead! No!​", she yelled. She stared out of the gloomy window. Kara, a year 6 English Teacher, was forty-six. Amy was sixteen. Suddenly Don Campbell, Amy's fifty year old father, who was a translator of foreign books, had red coloured blue eyes. "He died drinking. Silly!", he said. Amy gripped onto her red nightgown with her right hand. She cried. Suddenly she saw the reaper holding onto its scythe outside her bedroom. Amy screamed in terror...and knew that death had come for her.


"It's not fair!", Amy said. She yawned. "Here's some Earl Grey tea", Kara Jones said. She gazed at her daughter. Amy Jones saw the reaper. "I saw it, Mom!", she said. "Who?", Kara asked her. "The reaper! It had a scythe in its long, bony, right hand!". She was sure that she would think she was crazy. She wasn't. Amy yawned again. And went to sleep.

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