The Reaper II A novel

The Reaper is a supernatural creature that thrives on Death. When twenty year old Campbell Jones dies in an accident, his sixteen year old sister, Amy Jones, tries to convince her parents that the creature is after her. The sequel to The Reaper.


3. The Reaper-Part Three


Sunday, July 8, 2016; 8:30 AM.


Amy awoke. 

She headed to the bathroom. She flicked on the bright light. Afterwards, she turned the light off. Then she headed downstairs towards the large kitchen...and had breakfast.


It was a normal day in New York. But, as Amy walked out of her apartment, she saw the reaper. 
​"He's dead! It was planned". Amy shivered. "No! You're not listening. My brother died because of an accident...". The Reaper nodded. "And now I'm taking away his body". And it smiled...and left her crying outside the house.

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