The Reaper II A novel

The Reaper is a supernatural creature that thrives on Death. When twenty year old Campbell Jones dies in an accident, his sixteen year old sister, Amy Jones, tries to convince her parents that the creature is after her. The sequel to The Reaper.


1. The Reaper-Part One


The Reaper was alive. It started to believe in the fact that humans were stupid. After the last time he had dealt with them, it travelled to New York to deal with Campbell Jones. Jones, who was a running athlete at New York University, had died in a bad car accident as he was drinking beer underage. The Reaper held onto the sharp, silvery, scythe in its right hand. It was used to the American youths who thought they were immortal; it was a sad state of affairs that drew it into the caseload. It heard the wailing sirens of the paramedics arriving on the scene; it was angry that the human medical vehicles would interfere in the process of death. Death was its business...not theirs. It saw four New York paramedics storm out of the back of the ambulance. And, as Campbell Jones's body was covered in a large, white blanket, the sirens stopped wailing. 

It was 10:00 PM on Saturday, July 7, 2016.

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