The Reaper II A novel

The Reaper is a supernatural creature that thrives on Death. When twenty year old Campbell Jones dies in an accident, his sixteen year old sister, Amy Jones, tries to convince her parents that the creature is after her. The sequel to The Reaper.


4. The Reaper-Part Four-Epilogue


Amy gripped the scythe in her right hand. The Reaper shook its head in shock. "It's no use, Reaper. It's over!". And it attempted to attack her. But, to its horror, Amy raised the scythe high in the air...and brought it downward onto the hard concrete. Seconds later, a massive crack appeared. "No!​", the Reaper yelled. It fell into the deep hole. And was taken into the abyss...leaving Amy alone to let her dead brother know that his death wasn't in vain.

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