The world is coming to an end and the undead are coming for you. You and a group of people do your best to survive.


2. Chapter 2

The first thing (y/n) did when she stepped out off the classroom was thank Namjoon, who still held her hand firmly in his - right now she didn't care how sweaty her hand must be, just being in close proximity with him made her nervous... in a good way.

With a shy smile she greeted the others, who were blatantly ignoring (y/n)'s and their leader's intertwined hands: they had bigger things to worry about, like the living corpses.

Even now their groans filled the halls and echoed off the walls. Broken glass coated the floors and glittered in the sun that filtered through the windows.

Sunlight that would eventually be covered with the dark grey clouds, that were not so far off in the distance. Soon they would erase all traces of light.

Red, slick crosses had been painted on the doors of the other classrooms, and (y/n) dreaded to think what that red liquid really was. She had a feeling that it was the work of the guys; they had left it as a warning to others about which rooms weren't safe to go in.

As they walked past these doors she could see that they had tried to block off the doors so the undead couldn't escape: their feeble attempts at breaking down the doors came up short.

(Y/n) involuntarily shuddered and moved closer to the taller male beside her.

He smiled reassuringly at her and pulled a black mask out of his pocket, handing it to her. He told her to put it on, so as to block out most of the bad smells that now tainted the air, or whatever else was floating in it.

Thanking him again, they both shared a smile and in that moment everything else melted away.

Their closeness was short-lived, however, when they heard the sound of glass cracking behind them, as footfalls landed on the shards, and the groans of the living dead became ever-closer.

"Shit! Run!" Suga let out a curse and his feet were moving before his words could have the chance to fall.

Namjoon pulled on (y/n)s hand and they tried their best to get away from the encroaching deadly crowd.

They made it to the stairs. Luckily, the distance between them and the brain-hungry undead was increasing. (Y/n) almost tripped on the stairs, but they didn't even have the chance to stop: getting to the main entrance was their main priority.

They came to a halt at the bottom of the stairs and stared in shock at the doors.



"This can't be happening."

"What are we going to do now?" (Y/n) couldn't help but let a few tears slip past her eyelashes, at what was happening before them.

The double doors had a piece of metal through the handles, barely keeping them locked shut and uncountable undead were squished up against the windows; their blood-thirsty eyes seemed to stare past the groups flesh, down to their very souls.

Realisation dawned on all of them...

This world isn't theirs anymore.

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